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Character Ymgar "Dace"

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Title: None
Specialization: Berserker

Unnamed son

Appearances: Coming Soon

Ymgar (born 9:7 Dragon) is a Dwarf from Orzammar. He was a warrior in service of house Dace prior to fleeing to the surface. He still introduces himself as a member of the house, to spite them..


Ymgar was born and raised in Orzammar's Warrior Caste. Fighting for House Dace, he was once one of the top names of the new generation of Proving fighters and was very respected even by the members of house Dace. However, when it came to light that he had impregnated one of House Dace's female nobles, they attempted to assassinate him, but Ymgar managed to fight off the assailants but he was forced to leave his old life behind him and head to the surface.

He met Miles and his friends, Surlon and Quincy. Sticking by them until they reached Tevinter territory, he was captured by House Cendril soldiers, in it's purge against the illegal Lyrium trade, while buying time for Miles and Benji to escape from Minrathous. It is unknown where he is now or if he even survived Alryn Cendril's Wrath.