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Werurt Ddukr was a former dwarven noble and Legion of the Dead soldier durring the Fifth Blight. He was known for having a keen diplomatic mind, and a heart of gold. He gained much controversy after his vocal support for the Casteless and Surface Dwarves during his short time as a noble. He faught the darkspawn all of his life, and has the physical and mental scars to prove it. His trademark equipment is: A captured Darkspawn Longsword, and standard Legionare armor.

Early Life[]

Werurt Ddukr was born into the lap of luxury. He had the finest clothing and food that one could ask for. As well as weapons training for a vetran Army officer, and an education from one of the most intelligent scholars in Orzamar.

The one downside to this, is that his father was power hungry and corrupt. He would sell out his only child for more say in the Assembly. This is what drove Werurt to be who he was. And what whould ultimatly cost his father's life, and Werurt's nobility.