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"Things are in an upheaval as of late. Our reports suggests that there have been heated arguments about the future of the Order. I had hoped it wouldn't come to this, but I wouldn't be surprised if we tore ourselves apart before fulfilling our mandate."
Aedan Cousland to Divine Victoria

The Grey Warden schism was an event that split the Grey Wardens two months after the War against the Elder One in 9:42 Dragon.

The southern Grey Wardens began to slowly rebuild themselves following the uprising at Adamant Fortress, declaring it time for the Order to emerge from the shadows and join the rest of humanity in fighting their ancient foes, thereby becoming more open to the general populace. Rumors begun circulating that they severed ties with their leaders at Weisshaupt, and that both factions are at war with each other. Eventually, all news from Weisshaupt soon cease.

In 9:44, Warden-Commander Aedan Cousland of Ferelden mentions that the Grey Wardens are presently in a state of upheaval and there have been various heated arguments about the future of the Order.