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"There is more than one Warden-Commander. Each oversees a region, most often a single nation."
Jean-Marc Stroud to Maxwell Trevelyan
Grey Warden Commander heraldry

The sigil of the Warden-Commander.

Warden-Commander―also known as Commander of the Grey―is the leader of the Grey Wardens in a given country.

The First Warden usually appoints new Warden-Commanders to oversee different regions or most often an entire nation across the continent of Thedas, but in a few instances a Grey Warden is appointed to this rank by the acclamation of his or her peers, and usually the First Warden just defers to this decision and makes it official. Few ranks are higher in the Wardens' order, for they stand just a few steps below the First Warden, leader of all the Grey Wardens.

The Warden-Commander wears the same uniform armor as the regular members of the Grey Wardens, with usually no difference in appearance or regalia. Given that there are only one Warden-Commanders in each nation at a time, it is usually an easy matter to keep track of their identities on the battlefield during the Blight and from their written records at Weisshaupt.

The position was presumably founded, along with the Grey Wardens themselves, during the First Blight fourteen hundred years ago by Carinus.

Immediate subordinates and advisors of the Warden-Commander are the Warden-Constable, Senior Warden, and Archivist, who help command the internal structure of the national branches and reside with them at their base of operations.

Although the First Warden is the head of the organization, each nation's Wardens are for the most part autonomous; meaning that with the dwindling communications between Weisshaupt and the respective branches, most military command falls to the Warden-Commanders and leaves them free to act as they see fit. However, they can be summoned to Weisshaupt by the First Warden at any time.

Known Commanders of the Grey[]

Commanders in the Alamarri lands[]

  • Gaspar Asturian
  • Frida Halwic

Commanders in Ferelden[]

Commanders in Anderfels[]

Commanders in Antiva[]

Commanders in Orlais[]

Commanders in the Free Marches[]

Commanders of unknown origin[]

  • Astor
  • Daneken
  • Farele
  • Riannon
  • Senaste