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Character Vincent Aldouin

Vincent Aldouin
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Title: None
Specialization: Champion

Miles Milheim  (nephew)

Michelle Aldouin (sister)

Louis Aldouin  (nephew)

Appearances: Coming Soon

Vincent Aldouin (born 8:75 Blessed) is an Orlesian noble, formerly a Templar. Who works in Jader to fight off Fereldan smugglers.


Vincent is a Templar and veteran of the Fereldan independence war. A seasoned warrior by the time he meets the Ander, Nicholas, he befriends him quickly despite the fact that at the time he was a templar and he was a mage. When Miles was born, he took responsibility for having a mage get in contact with an outsider, and was suspended from his duty for half a year, when two years later, another son was born, Nicholas was sentenced to death, and as a result, the grieving friend quit his templar career despite his need for Lyrium and nearly died as a result of his lacking. He didn't just lay down and wait for death however, he fought and lived. He trained Miles, Nicholas' son who unlike Louis did not inherit his affinity for magic and molded him into an excellent warrior. He also taught Miles the leadership skills that would help him as he led his friends across Thedas. When Miles came of age he took him to Jader to gain combat experience in fighting off smugglers. Miles was dismissed from his duty after being tricked by a prominent female smuggler and Vincent was ready to take him back to Lydes, however, Miles insisted he remained in Jader as he wanted to see the world, and Vincent had remained alongside the Chantry there since. Still fighting off smugglers, and also managing the stream of refugees that came through following the Fifth Blight.