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Leliana: "The Game is one thing—we go back and forth between nobles, and the authorities turn a blind eye. It is... amusement. But these papers... if the seals were Orlesian military, then bringing them to Ferelden is treason. Marjolaine, there is no blind eye for treason. They hang you in the street."
Marjolaine: "My poor pretty thing. Lost in a strange place."
Leliana and Marjolaine

Treason is a serious crime against a sovereign or the realm or kingdom as a whole, including rebellion, regicide, oathbreaking, and espionage. The punishment for treason is death, usually by public execution. If expedient, a traitor may instead be spared in exchange of hostages or by being forced to join the Grey Wardens.

Like oathbreaking, the nature of treason is not an absolute one and is subject to political machinations. It can often depend on whether said treason is successful. While a defeated rebel will be condemned and executed as a traitor, a victorious one will be in power and will merely receive the epithet usurper.

In the city of Denerim, those who broke the law or are accused of treason are confined to the Arl of Denerim's dungeon.

Major cases and accusations of treason[]


"As Warden-Commander of Ferelden and Arl of Amaranthine, I hereby charge you Bann Esmerelle, Lady Liza Packton, Lady Morag, Lord Guy, and Ser Timothy with conspiracy to commit treason, conspiracy to commit sedition and conspiracy to commit murder against the duly appointed liege lord of Amaranthine. Arrive at Vigil's Keep within the fortnight or be branded an enemy of the Wardens."
―Warden-Commander Aedan Cousland
"In light of overwhelming evidence, we have no choice but to declare you an enemy of the empire. You are hereby sentenced to death."
―Empress Celene I Valmont orders the execution of Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons