• Hey Mark, hope you're okay!

    Based on my conversation with Ursuul about the implementation of a good-looking and flexible spoiler template here and here, I would like to ask you to grant Ursuul temporary admin rights so that he implements all the changes we need for our Fanon Wiki.

    After the implementation the admin rights can be withdrawn. Ursuul is a highly respected (and trusted) member across wikia, he is an active contributor in the main DA wiki, he is moderating for a long time the Discussion over there and most of all he is a Vanguard of the wikia community.

    Thank you.

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    • Done.

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    • Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself & let you know what I have done. The TL;DR is that I have finished installing everything, but we still have to wait for FANDOM Staff to approve the JS I submitted (which might be done by later today or next Monday). Once that happens, everything will work, although if you want a unique template with images/quotes that aren’t among these options then you’ll have to add some extra CSS.

      To be completely transparent, this is what I have done with the Admin temporary rights:

      These templates are mobile-friendly & ready to go. If you just follow the syntax in the documentation I wrote, you can begin making spoiler templates without a problem. If you don’t need me to add any CSS or make any tweaks in the next 24 hours, I will go ahead & demote myself. Hope everything works out!

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    • A FANDOM user
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