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There's a little-known, seldom-told tale that makes its way through Thedas every now and then, about the early days in the Chantry's history, after Andraste burned but before her legacy had taken flight. It is told in furtive whispers and every telling is different. You won't find it written anywhere under the Chantry's gaze; the more tolerant Mothers call it apocryphal, while the less tolerant ones call it blasphemy.

Written solely in memory, and published only by mouth, the details of the story change constantly, but the beginning is always the same.

It was two days after the fair Andraste was burned, and Pejerius was pacing about his house in Duralia. His mind was consumed with a sudden fear of the immediate future. He'd been born and raised a Tevinter, but he had pledged his loyalty to Andraste a few weeks earlier, believing that her victory over the Imperium was inevitable. But she had been betrayed by her own husband, and her death had struck a blow to the morale of her followers.