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"I am the last of a dying breed. We could've had a future free of wanton slaughter and manipulation. The Architect made us in his image. He made us something more. But I am the last. And I do not intend to go quietly." ―The Gone.

The Gone was a Disciple that served The Architect until The Architect's death at the hands of The Warden. The Gone was subsequently captured and imprisoned in Vigil's Keep before being transported to various isolated Grey Warden outposts and, finally, to Weisshaupt where Grey Warden mages studied him and experimented on him. During the War against the Elder One, he was mysteriously moved and released. Surprisingly, he stayed with the Wardens to aid them against Corypheus. He died in battle against the forces of Corypheus.



"I will not bow or submit to another power as long as I continue to live." ―The Gone.

Unlike most darkspawn, The Gone, like the other Disciples, was sentient and could communicate with others. He was a sullen individual wo refrained from talking until necessary, predisposed to bouts of reflection and brooding. When he spoke, his voice was deep and grating and vaguely uncomfortable to listen to. The Gone could easily be dismissed as a brute due to his size and race, but in fact he was highly intelligent and tactical. He could formulate and carry out plans if ordered. To others, he was cooperative, which was surprising given the merciless and savage nature of darkspawn. As Disciples were given sentience by drinking Grey Warden blood, much of the Disciple's personality could be said to have been "borrowed" from the Grey Warden "parent". The Gone's "parent" was a Grey Warden named Ervin.

During his time as a Disciple, The Gone was fanatically loyal to The Architect and utterly believed in his visions and goals. The Gone expressed a desire for the darkspawn race to be "uplifted": every individual darkspawn made into a Disciple and free from the call of the archdemons when awoken. The Gone subsequently looked down on The Mother and the Disciples who followed her. After The Architect's death, The Gone soon began sullen and melancholy, forsaking The Architect's dream. He believes he is the last of a dead, doomed breed. He is adamant about remaining "free" and, as such, refuses to go back to his kind or aid Corypheus when he is discovered by the Venatori.

The Gone is cooperative with others and enjoys learning, especially about Grey Wardens. He views the surface world with a mix of curiosity and fear, similar to dwarves when brought to the surface. In battle, The Gone is as merciless and savage as any darkspawn. but brave and courageous. He has a gentle side that others have called unnerving: he loves and cares for many animals during his time with the Wardens and enjoys sweets.