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"They became active suddenly... the Mountain Fortress of Brom Zoor which had been long abandoned filled with a well trained rebel army, they were well armed and organized, but more importantly: well led. Led by what we believe to be "the Old King", an Ancient Dragon God that was the first of the Maker's Creations - his first son, Nevarra shattered against the Revolution's mighty while Ferelden held against the Blight." ―Cassandra Pentaghast to the Divine reporting on what has happened in her Homeland by Dragon Age: Awakening.

The Dragon Empire Series takes place in both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II but has a more immediate effect in Dragon Age II, in Dragon Age: Origins it is revealed that the whole "birth of the Dragon Empire" that is causing Civil War in central Thedas is due to the Darkspawn, the Darkspawn burrowed too deep and have awakened Dragon Gods older and more powerful than the lower six Old Gods.

Seasons and Arcs[]

Imperial Origins[]

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Second Campaign[]

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