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"The records are vague, but the Couslands became Teyrns during the Black Age. Is that familiar, child?"
Aldous to a young Aedan Cousland[1]
Highever heraldry

The sigil of the Teyrn of Highever.

The Teyrn of Highever (feminine equivalent being Teyrna of Highever) is a hereditary title in the Kingdom of Ferelden held by the liege lords of Highever and is one of the two highest title of the nobility. The Teyrns of Highever rule over the entire northern region of Ferelden under the authority of the Crown from their stronghold of Castle Cousland, the teyrnir's capital.

The title is traditionally held by House Cousland since the Black Age.[1]


The initial appointment of a Teyrn is to protect their Bann and Arling vassals from their standing army and other services in exchange for their oaths of fealty. They may call upon them in the event of a war or disaster and they are responsible for defending those sworn to them. Highever Teyrns were also likely to deal with pirates along the Northern Coastlands and bandits within the teyrnir's forests, who were prone to raiding the shorelines and attacking traveling merchants along the King's Highway.

Known Teyrns/Teyrnas of Highever[]


Siege of Castle Cousland[]

In 9:30 Dragon, the Fifth Blight broke out. Taking advantage of the chaos, Arl Rendon Howe betrays Teyrn Bryce Cousland and launched an unexpected surprise attack on Castle Cousland, slaughtering almost everyone in the castle, including the Teyrn and Teyrna, while their guards were battling darkspawn at Ostagar.

With the castle secured and believing himself victorious, Rendon declares himself Teyrn of Highever. This angers the local Banns who oppose his claim and begin taking to calling Lord Aedan Cousland, Bryce's second son who since Ostagar became a full-fledged Grey Warden, the Acting Teyrn of Highever until his older brother and the rightful heir Fergus returns.


After King Alistair I Theirin and Queen Anora stripped away all lands and titles from House Howe, the Fereldan monarchy restores the title to House Cousland.