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"He was the brains behind King Maric's armies and drove out those damned Orlesians. King Maric rewarded him by making him a Teyrn. Can you imagine? A commoner became a high nobleman just like that."
―One of Loghain's personal guards, about Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir
Gwaren Heraldry

The sigil of the Teyrn of Gwaren.

The Teyrn of Gwaren (feminine equivalent being Teyrna of Gwaren) is hereditary title in the Kingdom of Ferelden held by the rulers of the teyrnir of Gwaren under the authority of the crown and one of two highest titles of the nobility.

Despite his common birth, Loghain was elevated to nobility by his friend King Maric Theirin and given the title and chose the name "Mac Tir" for his family's new noble house in acknowledgement for his service during the rebellion against the Orlesian Empire[1].

Since the second year of the Dragon Age, House Mac Tir held the title[1].