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This template is used to create spoiler templates which mark a page as having major spoilers.


|id=(template ID here; case-sensitive!)
|category=(template category here; case-sensitive!)
|context=(title of the game, book, or other media that is being spoiled)
}}</onlyinclude>[[Category:Article management templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]

List of template IDs

  • ato
  • da2
  • daa
  • dai
  • dait
  • daj
  • dao
  • daoa
  • dar
  • dar
  • dc
  • dots
  • goa
  • Ke
  • lf
  • ls
  • mk
  • tc
  • tlc
  • tme
  • tsg
  • tst
  • tws
  • uws
  • wf
  • wh

List of template Categories

  • games
  • media
  • comics
  • books


This parameter should be left as-is, so that the generated templates can be used in either full-width or shortened versions.
This parameter should also be left as-is, as this is how the actual spoiler content is passed into the template wrapper.
Each template has a unique ID. The ID controls the HTML classes each template uses, which allows sitewide CSS to target a given template & apply an image avatar (on the left of the template) along with a quote & its attribution.

Because the quote, image, & “click”-related text are generated via sitewide CSS, in mobile (specifically, the Mercury skin) these things are stripped away, leaving behind only the intended warning message about future spoilers. This is necessary because the image & quotes display awkwardly in Mercury, & since JavaScript does not work in Mercury, “clicking” the template does nothing.

Due to this setup, some new templates will need new accompanying CSS to set up their ID, quote, & image. See Dependencies for more details.
Spoiler templates can be divided into four Categories; games, media, comics, & books. Games & media share the same red background image & brown border, comics have a green background image with the same brown border, & books have a solid white background with a red border.
This is used to write out the title of the content that is being spoiled. If a spoiler template covers spoilers from Dragon Age: Origins, then Dragon Age: Origins would be inputted in this parameter.


  1. This template requires CSS both for its dimensions & aesthetics as well as for the quotes, avatar images, & other text each individual template uses. The CSS is stored in MediaWiki:SpoilersToggle.css, & served sitewide via a CSS import in MediaWiki:Wikia.css.
  2. This template requires JavaScript in order to hide & show content in desktop (i.e. the Oasis skin). The JavaScript is stored in MediaWiki:SpoilersToggle.js on the Dragon Age Wiki, & served sitewide via a JavaScript import in MediaWiki:Common.js.

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