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Tara Trevelyan served as Inquisitor of the Second Inquisition from the years 9:40-9:42 of the Dragon Age and later as Left Hand of Divine Victoria I. She died in the year 9:52 Dragon at the end of the Second Great Qunari War. Her death was a catalyst for the Sundering of the Veil. 

Originally a part of the Southern mage rebellion, Trevelyan played a critical role in stopping the darkspawn magister Corypheus and was marked as the "Herald of Andraste." In her time as Inquisitor and later Left Hand of the Divine, she became one of the most influential and controversial players in the politics of Thedas during the Dragon Age. 


Born into House Trevelyan, Tara was taken to the Ostwick Circle of Magi as a child. Her existence created a scandal for House Trevelyan due to its well-cultivated pious reputation.

At the Circle, Trevelyan was known as a well-studied and soft-spoken student. She became a protege of First Enchanter Lydia, the great Chantry Loyalist and Fade theory scholar. Her Harrowing provoked a

Trevelyan scandalized her family upon associating with the Libertarian Fraternity. At an unknown point, she became involved with the Mage Underground and by extension the Carta.