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"According to the records, Sarim Cousland was a minor vassal who served as captain of the guard to Bann Conobar Elstan, who ruled over the lands of Highever during the Age of Towers. But it wasn't long until Conobar was eventually murdered by his own wife, Flemeth, and House Elstan died with him. Sarim, using his wits, won the support of the freeholders and took the lands and title. From then on, we became the Banns of Highever."
Aedan Cousland[src]

Sarim Cousland was the founder of House Cousland, and an Alamarri who lived during the Age of Towers. House Cousland boasts descent from him through the male line.

According to historical records[1], Sarim, using his wits and charisma, assumed the lands of Highever and held the minor title of Bann after Highever's previous rulers, House Elstan, became extinct when Bann Conobar was murdered by his wife Flemeth and left no trueborn heirs.


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