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"You take care of them now, Lana. They need someone and I can't be here to do it anymore. Know I love you and I'll always be with you. " ―Saeriel to Lanavera
Sabrae clan heraldry 2
House Theirin
Grey Warden Commander heraldry

Warden-Commander Saeriel, or more commonly known as the Hero of Ferelden, is a Dalish hunter turned royal. Saeriel is the oldest of the four Mahariel siblings and the second youngest of the Fifth Blight's Grey Warden forces.

One day, while hunting in the woods, Saeriel and his clansman, Tamlen, stumbles across three humans. These humans led the duo to a hidden cave containing a tainted Eluvian. The Eluvain had enchanted the two boys and before either realized, Tamlen had touched the mirror and unleashed its taint. Tamlen disappeared and Saeriel was thrown back, smacking into a nearby stone coffin and gaining his signature scar over his eye. The unleashed taint poisoned both Saeriel and the surrounding forest. Saeriel was able to find his way out of the cave, completely incoherent, and into the company of Duncan. Duncan was able to return Saeriel to Clan Sabre and Marethari, the clan's Keeper before the taint to hold too deep. In return for his timely rescue, Saeriel decided to join Duncan, becoming a Grey Warden recruit, at the urging of Marethari and the other Clan Elders. His precise aim, and his Dalish blood, became a welcome advantage.

Upon arrival at Ostagar, Duncan directs him to find the Grey Warden, Alistair, and his fellow recruits, Atlas Cousland and his sister Braven, Hanali Aeducan, Seris Brosca, Emery Amell, Vienna Suranna, Tarron Tabris, Ser Jory, and Daveth.

The Battle of Ostagar ended disastrously with the betrayal and subsequent death of King Cailan. With the Fifth Blight devastating Southern Ferelden, moving north, Saeriel attempts to assemble a coalition to combat the Archdemon Urthemiel’s forces. Using ancient treaties and the help of his fellow surviving wardens, he enlisted the aid of the Dalish elves, Dwarves of Orzammar, Magi and templars of Kinloch Hold, and Redcliffe soldiers. After ending the civil war and uniting the country, Saeriel and his future Generals led the coalition of forces into battle against the darkspawn at Denerim, where he killed Urthemiel and was proclaimed the "Hero of Ferelden".

Six months after the Blight, Saeriel assumed Duncan’s mantle as Ferelden’s new Warden-Commander and reigned over the arling of Amaranthine as its Arl. Yet while stationed at Vigil’s Keep, several new challenges arose during the Thaw period: when reports of two warring factions of highly intelligent darkspawn led by the Architect and the Mother, engaged in a civil war over ideological differences threatened the security of the land. Saeriel initiated several strike teams to lessen the darkspawn threat and destroyed both faction leaders, effectively resetting the darkspawn's fate. He oversaw the rebuilding of the Warden forces and the reconstruction efforts of both Amaranthine and Vigil’s Keep while consolidating the Warden's control over the arling. He passed the ruling of the arling over to fellow Warden Nathaniel Howe and returned to the Palace in Denerim to his family until his disappearance several years later.

Shortly before the War against the Elder One, Saeriel along with a fellowship of Grey Wardens traveled far to the north to find a cure for the Calling. With a renewed determination to save all Grey Wardens from its effects, Saeriel intends to prevent the Calling from further afflicting the Order by any means necessary. This was proven to be difficult yet successful, and he soon made his return to the Fereldan where he reigns with his family.



Fifth Blight[]

List of characters Saeriel killed[]

The following is a list of characters actually killed by Saeriel

Personality and traits[]

Titles, styles, honor and arms[]

Commonly known as "Warden" and "the Hero of Ferelden" to most, Saeriel was given many titles over the years, including, but not limited to:



The name Saeriel is an alternate spelling of Sariel which is Greek for "Angel"



  • A landmark


Dragon Age: Origins[]

  • (hanging men in Korcari Wilds) "Look there! Poor sods. That just seems so excessive."
  • (near the Chanter's Board) "The Chantry is still running the Chanter's Board? Now THAT's dedication!"
  • (Conversation with Leliana in the Tavern) "More crazy? I thought we were all full up."
  • (entering the main market) "They say you can get anything here. I once got pick-pocketed."
  • (entering Gnawed Noble Tavern) "This is where the nobility come to get drunk and debate who's the most self-important of them all. Good times."
  • (outside the Wonders of Thedas) "Hey! The Wonders of Thedas! Arl Eamon once bought me a miniature golem doll, here... when I was young. Really young."
  • (inside the Wonders of Thedas) "Where do you think they get all this stuff? Do you think they, um, have any miniature golem dolls?"
  • (entering The Pearl) "Why do they call it a 'brothel?' There's no broth. Or is there?"
  • (Alienage gates) "Err... we're not going to be mobbed, right? That's not something elves do here? Mob people?"
  • (at the vhenadahl tree) "Now that is a big tree. I wonder if the children get to climb it?"
  • (entering Lake Calenhad Docks) "We're coming here to see the mages, right? Great. They just love me."
  • (entering the Senior Mage Quarters) "You feel that? It's actually colder up here."
  • (in Irving's study) "This looks like the head enchanter's study, maybe? You think he's read all those?"
  • (seeing the corruption in the Templar Quarters) "Now that's just unnecessary."
  • (being sedated by the Sloth Demon) "Can't... keep eyes open. Someone... pinch... me."
  • (Confronting the Sloth Demon) "Oh, here I am! And there you are! You just disappeared. Well, no matter!"
  • (collecting the final Apprentice Note) "It doesn't read like we'll be finding our fair apprentice in one piece."
  • (secret tunnel into Redcliffe dungeon) "I locked myself in a cage, once, when I was a child. For an entire day. Ahh, good times."
  • (going up the first slope in Haven) "I've never heard of any village out this way. Is this place even on a proper map?"
  • (up the slope leading to the chantry) "You hear that? There's people in the chantry. The whole town, maybe."
  • (entering the Ruined Temple) "Makers breath! Look at it all!
  • (statue of Maferath) "That's Maferath. Andraste's husband, and the one who betrayed her to the Imperium."
  • (statue of Hessarian) "That's Archon Hessarian, the magister who ordered Andraste burned to death, and then took mercy on Her at the last second."
  • (mountain caverns) "We seem to be heading… up? Yes, I think these caves are going up to the surface."
  • (on the Mountain Top after seeing the high dragon) "A High Dragon is not a joke. We'd best be careful... real careful."
  • (entering the Gauntlet) "What is this place? It's different from the rest of the ruins."
  • (entering the bridge puzzle room) "Uh-oh. I'm terrible at puzzles."
  • (suggesting puzzle's solution) "Hey, you see those...thingies over on the side of that huge chasm? I bet they're used for something. Maybe I should touch them. Or stand on them?"
  • (a plate is triggered) "Ooh, look at that. I don't think it's solid enough to stand on, but it's a start."
  • (solving the bridge puzzle in the Gauntlet) "Maker's breath...Andraste only favoured the clever, it seems."
  • (entering the urn room) "By the Maker, it's... it's the Urn of Sacred Ashes! That's it! That's really it!"
  • (approaching the urn) "I didn't think anyone could succeed in finding Andraste's final resting place... but here... here She is."
  • (greeting Hahren Sarel) "I am a Grey Warden, yes. Pleased to meet you. Nice… campfire you have, there." (Dalish Origin required)
  • (in the Dalish Camp) "How do they move these through the forest? Do the trees just move aside for them?"
  • (near the halla pen of the Dalish Camp) "You know, there are places where these horns fetch a high price. They can cure diseases supposedly."
  • (entering the Brecilian Forest) "Let's try not to get lost here. Places like this can get you turned around."
  • (near the Tevinter ruins) "Was there a city here, once? Was it built in the forest, or did the forest come later?"
  • (after the werewolves retreat into the ruins) "I think this is it, Werewolf City. Kind of a flea heaven, isn't it?"
  • (descending the first stairs in Ruins Upper Level) "Is this an elven place? Did the elves live under ground just like the dwarves?"
  • (hearing the dragon in Ruins Upper Level) "I think there's something ahead. Something big."
  • (entering Frostback Mountain surface camp) "Most traders aren't allowed into Orzammar, so they just sort of... gather near the doors. There's no laws up here at all, I'm told."
  • (observing the Paragon statues) "Those statues are dwarven Paragons, if I remember right. The best of their ancestors."
  • (entering Orzammar Commons) "Wow. So this is Orzammar? It's huge!"
  • (exit to the Deep Roads) "The deep roads are home to the darkspawn. Oddly they're supposed to be safer to travel during a Blight."
  • (outside Tapster's Tavern) "What is that smell? Dwarven vomit? Charming."
  • (entering Tapster's Tavern) "I tried dwarven ale once. I thought it was just something they tricked surfacers into drinking, as a joke."
  • (entering Dust Town) "Let me guess: this is where the poor people live?"
  • (at the Proving) "The Proving Grounds. Blood sport entertainment for the masses, at its best!"
  • (entering the Diamond Quarter) "So the closer you live to the surface, the higher class you are. Unless you're actually on the surface."
  • (outside the palace) "So how is it the dwarves have a king? I thought they... voted on everything, or something like that?"
  • (scenic vista) "Oh, that's a lot of lava. Let's just hope it never erupts."
  • (entering Anvil of the Void) "We have to be getting close. If this Branka has survived, she'll be wary."
  • (Delivering Notice of Death) "I hope you like heroes, my lady, because your husband died like one." or "I'm sorry but your husband has fallen in battle. You have my condolences."
  • (Activating Shale) "And the villagers had no idea they were being watched? Creepy."
  • (Ordering Shale to attack him) "He-ey!"
  • (Upon seeing Cailan's body in Return to Ostagar) "Forgive us, my king. When we have driven the darkspawn from their holes and bought ourselves some time, we shall return to see you to the Maker."
  • (Near hole in Tower of Ishal Darkspawn Tunnels in Return to Ostagar) "Ugh. Down the hole and into the deep. I don't even want to imagine where that leads."
  • (On Avernus's justification) "Necessary? Having to relieve yourself after an eight-hour ride is necessary. But there's no excuse for summoning demons."
  • (Cleared Soldier's Peak) "Looks like we're done here. A demonic invasion thwarted, a Warden base safely rescued. We do good work."
  • (to Saeriel) "I love you. You know that, right?"

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening[]

Dragon Age: Exodus[]

  • "I'm Alistair, uh... King of Ferelden. And this is Teagan, my uncle. Sort of."
  • "I was hoping we could talk. Would've been better timing before being emasculated by Meredith, but I'm not picky."
  • "Thank you for speaking with me, Champion. I should get back to my family, lest the little prince gets too anxious without me.

Dragon Age: Inquisiton[]

  • (to Fiona) "I wanted help, I really did as I owe it to Vienna, but you've made it impossible. You and your followers are no longer welcome in Fereldan."
  • (When Lanawyn recruits the Mages) "I'd go with her if I were you. It might just be your last chance."
  • (to the Triplets)
  • "Oh Maker... You three can never just stay out of trouble, can you"
  • "I'm proud of you three and I know Saeri would be proud of you if he were here. You stand together like you always have. Never lose that. Stay safe. If I find out that any of you have died, I will kill you myself."

(Gifting the rose pendant to a Saeriel)

  • Alistair: "Here, I have something for you. if you want it, I mean... Here!
  • Saeriel: "A necklace"
  • Alistair: "Yes, but a pendant more specifically. Your old now was broken, so I made you another... "
  • Saeriel: "Thank you... I love it."
  • (with Saeriel)
  • Alistair: "You're the first person I've ever spent the night with, and if I have my way you'll be the last."
  • Saeriel: "I'd like that..."



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