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"I've made a reputation for myself as a duelist. There are many tall tales - all lies, of course, but who am I to discourage them? They add to my mystique." ―Rhen Nuervo.

Rhen Leonardo Adolpho Dimas Gilles Nuervo (born 9:09 Dragon) is a human rogue from Nevarra. A duelist of some renown and infamy, Rhen lends his skills and, more importantly, his sword to however can afford him.


Early Life[]

Rhen was born in 9:09 Dragon, on a farm located in the Fields of Ghislain, not far from the city of Cumberland. Rhen was the second child of Leonardo and Alaisa, farmers who worked the land and orchards of their farm. Their land was owned by a local lord - Lord Roldan - and the family was required to pay monthly tribute to this lord for fear of eviction. Rhen had an older daughter named Rafaela. Rhen grew up working the fields with his parents.

When Rhen was ten years of age, the lord's son, Solomon, came to the farm and demanded tribute ahead of time/ When the family, having paid tribute weeks before, couldn't supply, Solomon had his men begin to ransack the farmstead and the orchards. Rhen's father fought back and was killed. Solomon instead insisted on having Rafaela. Powerless, Rhen and his mother were forced to watch as Rafaela was raped.


"You misunderstand. To anyone else, I'm a mercenary - you want my sword, you pay my fee. But to the poor, the downcast, I don't take coin. They have a greviance they need solved, I do it, for free - or something other than coin. But my main talent lies in dueling and if some peasant somewhere is wronged, jailed, and given the choice of death or trial by combat, I gladly lend my skills to him - no charge. My blade loves the taste of noble blood. And I love kicking them down and humbling them." ―Rhen Nuervo.



  • If Rhen were a food or beverage, he'd be beer and pretzels.
  • His worst fear is tyranny.
  • If he were a companion in a Dragon Age game, he would approve of: Cleverness, playful or sarcastic responses, giving the lower classes a fighting chance, standing up to nobles, humiliating nobles. He would disapprove of: kissing up to nobles, fighting or terrorizing the lower classes, brutish responses or solutions, turning down payment.
  • Rhen's themesong would be El Dorado by Two Steps from Hell.