Regent is the title held by a noble who rules in the name of a King or Queen, because the rightful ruler is a child, incapacitated, or otherwise incapable of ruling with any degree of force. When ruling in the name of a child, a regent's rule ends when the child heir reaches adulthood. For example, the legal age of adulthood in Ferelden is 16 years old.

When a Regent rules in the name of a King or Queen, he or she may also hold the title of Protector of the Realm. He or she also holds a seat in the Privy Council, taking the place of the young monarch. While a Regent functionally rules in place of an underage monarch, only the actual ruler may sit on the royal throne itself. For this reason, Queen Regent Mariwen sat on a gilded chair at the foot of the Anders throne during the Fourth Blight since her son, King Grivaud, was an infant at the time.

If a King dies and his own Queen acts as regent for their children, she is known as the "Queen Regent". Since a regency, by definition, a male acting as Regent for a King or Queen would hold the title "Lord Regent". Regents for regular lordships may be called "Lord (Lady) Protector" or "Lord (Lady) Regent".

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