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Red Huntress
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Gender Female
Race Human
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Location Derrover Forest

The Red Huntress is a mysterious female vigilante who has sworn to protect young women from slavery and exploitation. Since the Huntress' first known appearance during the Orlesian occupation of Fereldan, twelve women have held the title, but only the eleventh Huntress, Emani Lowind, has been definitively identified by name. When Lowind gave up the title in 9:31 Dragon in order to become a Grey Warden, she gave the rapier and cowl to the Chantry in Derrover. It was stolen only a few weeks later, and the current Red Huntress is unrevealed. Across all twelve Huntresses, the rapier Le Serrate and a red leather cowl have been constants, but each Huntress has employed different styles.


The First Huntress[]

The Huntress was first sighted in 8:59 Blessed, on the road between Derrover and Sailhaven, where she attacked the caravan of Ser Cusan, a chevalier who was transporting nearly a dozen young girls, all kidnapped from local farms. Cusan and his retinue attempted to fight her, but all of them fell at her hands. The kidnapped girls were all returned to their families with Cusan's possessions divided up amongst them; the fine silks and silver chalices helped many people to survive the following winter. The only thing the Red Huntress took for herself was Le Serrate, Cusan's rapier, which would become the Huntress' signature weapon.

Her career continued for five more years, during which many highwaymen, traffickers, and would-be rapists met their end. Her own end came in 8:64 Blessed, at the hands of the chevalier Morinec, who had been made the Bann of Sailhaven.