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Character Raylan Svein

Raylan Svein
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Title: None
Specialization: Champion

Surlon Svein (son)

Lokai Svein (sonà

Appearances: Coming Soon

Raylan Svein (born 8:65 Blessed) is a Fereldan minor noble, and a veteran of the Fereldan independence war, on the rebel side. He served Redcliffe all his life.


Raylan was born in the Anderfels, but before he could walk or talk his parents moved to Ferelden as his father was a sellsword and Ferelden was a land of oppertunity for him. He was raised in Redcliffe. When he came of age, Raylan participated in the riots prior to the Fereldan independence war but his father joined the Orlesians to supress the rebellion, he intended for Raylan to join him but he refused and turned on him. They never met on the battlefield, but Raylan's father would eventually find his death in the Battle of the River Dane. Raylan grieved, but kept loyal to the Fereldans that had been so good to him in his youth. When the war ended, the Arl of Redcliffe granted him a farmstead, from then on, his experience on the battlefield was used to train Arl Eamon's troops. In Redcliffe, he was married, but quickly lost his wife when his second son was born. Despite the harsh loss, Raylan was a good father. He still resides in Redcliffe today. Although he is now retired, though when called upon, he will gladly assist the Arl, like he always did.