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Character Quincy "The Orphan"

Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Rogue
Title: "The Orphan"
Specialization: Assassin

Ilandre (Fiancée)

Appearances: Coming Soon

Quincy (born 9:10 Dragon) is a Fereldan Elf from the Highever Alienage, he was a pickpocket when Miles Milheim rescued him, and has followed him until settling down in the Montsimmard Alienage with Illandre


Quincy was born in the Highever Alienage and was always an adventurous spirit, he was orphaned at a young age so he grew up as an urchin to survive, when he grew into his teens he snuck out of Highever's Alienage during Arl Howe's attack on Highever Castle. From then on, he spent a short while as a bandit in Blighted Ferelden until nearly dying at the hands of Darkspawn while trying to rob Miles Milheim and Surlon Svein. Thankful for his life, he followed them across their travels and when they reached Montsimmard, he fell in love with Ilandre, daughter of the Alienage elder. Before Miles left Montsimmard again, he witnessed Quincy's engagement to her.


Miles - Quincy owes Miles his life, after meeting him, his outlook on shems changed for the better. He flourished into an upstanding example to others under his leadership, and he is well aware of this. Miles has his eternal gratitude.

Surlon - Quincy didn't care much for Surlon's distrust, he saw him as purely a colleague.

Ymgar  - Ymgar is his best friend. Despite their people's evident differences. Ymgar knows what he's been through, yet doesn't make too much of a drama about it. The laid-back attitude is something Quincy can truely relate to.


Benji - Benji is an example for Quincy, he had ambitions to join him for a long time, up until meeting Illandre.

Alryn - He felt kinship for Alryn, and that was returned, which was rare for Alryn as he later turned out to have just been using the group for his own gain. Quincy was the only one Alryn really talked to.

Gaze - Quincy is scared of her, and views her with deep distrust. He'd rather be rid of the unstable barbarian princess, if anything.

Lokai - He doesn't know him that well; but from what he's seen, he's a lot of what he dislikes about humans. He doesn't enjoy his company at all.

Illandre - Illandre is the love of his life. Ever since he saved her from the Rebels that tried to violate her, she's been by his side. They are engaged. To this day, Quincy remains at her hometown, in Montsimmard.