"Lords and ladies of the court, I hereby introduce His Royal Majesty, King Alistair of House Theirin, First of His Name, Lord of the Landsmeet, Defender of the Chantry, and Protector of the Realm."
Grand Cleric Elemena

Protector of the Realm is one of three titles held by the ruler of Ferelden, the holder of which is considered to be head of state. The title is usually held, ex officio, by the King of Ferelden, who also holds the title of Lord of the Landsmeet and Defender of the Chantry. The title seems to be of a military nature, referring to the overall command of the King over the armies of Ferelden. If the ruling monarch is a minor or incapacitated, however, a Regent is named as Protector of the Realm until the heir comes of age. The King/Queen may also renounce the title and grant it of his/her own accord.

Protectors of the Realm who are not of royal birth are addressed as (My) Lord/Lady Protector. The title was (presumably) created by King Calenhad Theirin when he united the Alamarri tribes into a single realm during the Unification of Ferelden.

Known Protectors of the Realm who did not rule as Kings

  • Queen Mairyn, Queen Regent for her and Calenhad's son, King Weylan I.
  • Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir, declared himself Regent and Protector of the Realm for his daughter, Queen Anora.

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