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Old Gods were powerful Draconian entities that took the form of ancient High Dragons worshiped by the ancient Tevinter Imperium and entities that apparently have a far stronger connection to the Maker and the Golden City than has yet to be confirmed, despite only seven Old Gods being mentioned there are actually Eight Old Gods - a mother and father, interestingly enough Zazikel is the mother figure and the eighth Old God is the father and neither are as powerful as the Old God "King" Dumat despite it being their offspring. It is hinted, that there are also minor Old Gods out there, and that Zazikel and her husband were the first children of the Maker and therefore carry his divine blood.

They are reborn in the Patient Destruction series.


Known Old Gods[]

Eight Primary Old Gods:[]

  1. Dumat - the Dragon of Silence and the archdemon of the First Blight, King of the Old Gods and his energies seem to linger in the gaps between the worlds throughout time and space, Dumat is reborn in Michael Augustus.
  2. Zazikel - the Dragon of Chaos and the archdemon of the Second Blight, Mother of the Old Gods and one of the most feared, Zazikel was reborn in Flemeth, a Witch of the Wilds.
  3. Toth - the Dragon of Fire and the archdemon of the Third Blight, legendary for being one of Dumat's most loyal Lieutenants, he is reborn in Keran Rhett.
  4. Andoral - the Dragon of Slaves and the archdemon of the Fourth Blight, Andoral ruled the Free Marches area of Thedas, due to this only one of the Amell bloodline can gain the power of Andoral and therefore it eventually falls to Carver Hawke in which Andoral is reborn within.
  5. Urthemiel - the Dragon of Beauty and the archdemon of the Fifth Blight, Urthemiel has a Tevinter Holiday named after him and was known to be the most beautiful of the Old Gods, currently he is being reborn within Morrigan's womb but is said to be growing rapidly both physically and intelligence even by Flemeth's standards.
  6. Razikale - the Dragon of Mystery and the companion of Urthemiel, Razikale's physical body has yet to be corrupted by the Darkspawn taint and therefore has yet to stage a Blight of its own,
  7. Lusacan - the Dragon of Night
  8. Apolaeon - the Dragon of Destruction and the Father of the Old Gods,

Other Old Gods:[]

  • Urzara - A High Dragon that is said to be fathered by Urthemiel, there is a possibility that it too is an Old God.


  • The Old Gods in Patient Destruction are an expansion of those from the Games.