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"My mother was from Denerim and I consider myself a Ferelden. Mother served an Orlesian noblewoman who lived here when Orlais ruled. When Orlais was defeated and the common folk began to resent the presence of any Orlesian, the lady returned to Orlais. She took my mother with her. I was born in Orlais, and did not set foot in Ferelden till much later. Mother was always telling me stories of her homeland; I think she missed it. Mother died when I was very young. Lady Cecilie let me stay with her. I had no one else. She was quite old then, and she had me study music and dance to entertain her. It is unfair, that I have more memories of Cecilie than my mother."
Leliana about her mother

Oisine was the mother of Leliana and a handmaiden in service to Lady Cecilie Vasseur, an Orlesian noble. Although a native of Ferelden, unlike her fellow countrymen, she remained loyal to her mistress after the rebellion.


Personality and traits[]