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Character Nicholas Milheim

Nicholas Milheim Dragon Age
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Mage
Title: Senior Enchanter (Revoked after death)
Specialization: Spirit Healer

Michelle Aldouin (lover)

Miles Milheim  (son)

Louis Milheim (son)

Appearances: Coming Soon

Nicholas Milheim (born 8:79 Blessed - deceased 9:13 Dragon) was an Ander Mage. After a series of troubles concerning the birth of his second son, Louis, he disappeared.


Nicholas was born and raised in the Anderfels. A promising mage in the Circle, a talented spirit healer. the First Enchanter wanted him to have more of a chance to practice his skill. So he was sent off to Lydes, near Val Royaux in an exchange program.

He befriended a templar there, Vincent Aldouin. Through Vincent, he was able to thread outside of the Circle. He became very close to Vincent's sister, Michelle, and they had a secret relationship that, thanks to Vincent, they were able to keep up for a long time. They had a child, Miles, a child that caused a lot of uproar. Luckily, Vincent pleaded for mercy and he was allowed to stay in Lydes.

While Vincent did not help him see Michelle anymore, he couldn't be kept from her and two years later, she bore him another son. This time the house was not so merciful and they framed him for being a dangerous apostate that had mind-controlled his 'victim', Michelle. He was sentenced to death by the Chantry the next day.