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Maddic- a 2 specialization warrior with one of my home-made specializations "Warstarter" and Spirit Warrior. He commands a fort that rests in the deepest valley in the Frostback mountains. Legend tells that Fort Maddic was once a giant golem that venged to destroy the Templar order and Chantry. More like a giant Anders.

Palin Do- a rouge who travels Orlais seeking people to join his army. whenever interviewed he gives literally no reason for building an army.

Kor Dalis Nahn- a Dalish Keeper and Battlemage who especially likes to utilize nature spells. did i mention he is a grey warden?

The Killmaster- me. a warstarter and Creation mage GOD who is from the natural world. also a grey warden. ends the sixth and final blight which breaches into the natural world.

Morbius- my friend, Joel, who is a warrior but utilizes Destruction magic. also a GOD and grey warden.


Warstarter- a combo of blood mage, reaver, berserker, and assassin. can be used by any class.

Black mage- beyond the darkest of all schools of magic and specializations. a combo of Force mage, Arcane Warrior, Spirit warrior, Warstarter, and the entire school of spirit magic spells.

more specializations to be discovered soon!