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Character Michelle Aldouin

Michelle Aldouin
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Commoner
Title: Lady Aldouin
Specialization: N/A

Miles Milheim  (son)

Nicholas Milheim  (lover)

Louis Aldouin  (son)

Appearances: Coming Soon

Michelle Aldouin (born 8:80 Blessed) is an Orlesian minor noble of House Aldouin. She lives in Lydes with the rest of her house.


Michelle was born and raised in Lydes. Living the typical noble life, she was always quite independent and often, much to the dismay of her peers, snuck out to be among the common folk. Thanks to her overprotective brother she managed to steer clear from any harm at the hands of envious commoners, being a noble with common touched, she's loved by many, but envied by some. Through Vincent, she met her lover, Nicholas Milheim, She was able to see him quite often thanks to Vincent but after bearing Nicholas' son, they weren't allowed to see one another anymore. That didn't stop her, she often snuck into the Circle and just as often did Nicholas escape it to be with her as well. This worked, until two years later, she gave birth to Louis, his second son. The Chantry, courtesy of house Aldouin, was bribed into sentencing him to death, under the offense of being an Apostate. It turned her bitter towards her family and she moved Outskirts and kept contact only with Vincent. She did not keep her children's father's identity a secret to them, and she praised him in every story. Miles as a result took up his last name in his honor just before he left to Jader with his uncle. She was very depressed when Miles came to Lydes again and learned that Louis had left to join the rebels, a death sentence basically. She lived with her brother for the time being, Miles' return and his happiness had cheered her up, and his promise to find Louis gave her hope. While in Lydes, she befriended one of Miles' companions, Gaze, she remained with her, for moral support, when Miles left Lydes again.