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"I am hunted for the power I wield."


  • The Anchor: The Inquisitor possesses a unique ability to manipulate the Fade that manifests itself in a green light on his left hand, and it is a power Corypheus seeks. The spirit taking the form of Divine Justinia V compares the Anchor to a key to the Fade and describes it as the means for a mortal to stand physically in the Fade. It is also the only known way a person can move through a rift and survive. As Solas later discovers that the Anchor allows Inquisitor Trevelyan to maintain awareness while dreaming in the Fade.
    • Mark of the Rift: This power can be used as an area attack that can banish all demons in the affected range, cause massive damage and potentially kill some enemies in one blow.
    • Aegis of the Rift: This power creates an impregnable shield that guards against enemy attacks.
    • Anchor Discharge: This power steadily accumulates energy, building focus. By using its power carefully, the Inquisitor can slip his entire party briefly between the Fade and the normal world. This discharges the accumulated energy, making Maxwell and his companions immune to damage for a short time and reveals hidden objects in dark areas.
      • Anchor Blast: This power discharges the Anchor deals damage to nearby enemies.
      • Anchor Meltdown: The Anchor now builds up power even faster. Using it is difficult, however, but discharges all accumulated focus. If the focus reaches full power, the Anchor discharges uncontrollably—damaging Maxwell and his allies as well as nearby enemies.