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"Teach me the secrets of your kind and I will take your deal."
―Marian to Torpor
Marian Hawke - Character development

Marian Hawke, the Maleficar refugee.

An apostate who dabbled heavily in forbidden magic, Marian is cunning and beautiful but also plagued by her desire for more power and by vices such as rivalry, jealousy and revenge. She hates the Chantry more than anything and wants to see it destroyed. Marian is with Merrill after a short but failed relationship with Isabela.

Major decisions[]

Dragon Age II[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.


Act 1

Mark of the Assassin

Act 2

  • Asks Varric about the whereabouts of Javaris. After locating the dwarf, Marian spares him and returns to Kirkwall in order to confront the real perpetrator.
  • Starts a romance with Isabela. She also gives her a ship in a bottle.
  • Attacks and eliminates the Evets' Marauders without the support of the Guard.
  • Helps Varric with his family matter. After the fight, Anders restores Bartrand temporarily and they decide to try and have Bartrand cured.
  • Assists the Dalish in the confrontation with the Templars regarding Feynriel at Sundermount.
  • Assists Aveline with her seduction attempts on Donnic despite mocking her at every turn.
  • Agrees to save Feynriel and enters the Fade with the companions she trusts the most to resist demonic temptation and turn against her; Isabela, Varric and Sebastian, but the latter refuses so he is replaced by Fenris. Isabela however betrays Marian for the Desire demon and Fenris betrays her for the Pride demon, nonetheless she manages to survive and make a deal with Torpor allowing the Sloth demon to possess Feynriel.
    • Marian calls Isabela a backstabber in their follow-up conversation, cementing the break-up. She also does not forget Fenris' betrayal.
  • Helps Merrill with obtaining the Arulin'Holm by discovering what happened with the missing hunters. After Marethari gives the artifact to her, Marian immediately passes it on to Merrill.
  • Starts a romance with Merrill. She also gives her a halla carving.
  • Assists Anders with his plan to uncover Ser Alrik's plot regarding the so-called "Tranquil Solution". After he is killed, Marian calms Anders, preventing Justice from killing Ella who she then instructs to go back to her family. She then visits the clinic and shows Alrik's Papers to Anders. However she does not confront Grand Cleric Elthina with the papers.
  • After being ambushed a second time by slavers, she assists Fenris with confronting Hadriana. Inside the Abandoned Slaver Den she also finds Orana and hires her as a servant at her estate.
  • While searching for the missing Qunari delegation, the party visits The Hanged Man and Aveline extracts the information from her guardsman without a fight. After finding the delegation she tells Varnell that she is on their side and proves it by killing in cold blood one of the prisoners. After the fight she lies to the Viscount by assuring him that she killed every zealot and advises him to burn the bodies.
  • Supports the Mage Underground by completing the quests on Mistress Selby's Board and survives the midnight meeting. She also assists Sketch and disposes all of the bodies on behalf of an anonymous contractor.
  • Investigates the DuPuis estate on behalf of Emeric and after a few questions allows Gascard DuPuis to go. After Emeric's death she lies to Moira by saying she doesn't know where Gascard is.
  • When her mother goes missing, she goes to Darktown and Gascard performs the blood magic ritual in order to find the killer's lair. During the confrontation with Quentin, she threatens Gascard to remain loyal. Back at the estate, Merrill arrives to console Marian. Shen then returns to Darktown and with the help of Aveline she interrogates Gascard before letting him go.
  • After discovering that Sabin was responsible for leaking information that allowed the Bone Pit shipments to be targeted, he is brought to her estate and Hawke beats him until he reveals information about the next hit. She then agrees to have him killed. She does not attack the Coterie thugs who confront her over Lilley's death. Eventually she finds the person behind the attacks and kills him.
  • Tasked by the Viscount, she speaks to the Arishok about Saemus' conversion to the Qun. She is then redirected to Kirkwall Chantry as it becomes apparent foul play is involved. When Mother Petrice questions her loyalties, Marian re-affirms that she is loyal which leads to a fight with the Qunari. Outside the Chantry, Petrice reveals that she is planning to split from the Orlesian Chantry and the two agree to further cooperation.
  • Reads the Fell Grimoire before destroying Xebenkeck.
  • Refuses to help Isabela over Aveline. She has not forgotten Isabela's betrayal in the Fade and does not trust her; she also catches another lie of hers during the conversation. Furthermore, as she seeks more conflict, not recovering Isabela's relic could help exacerbate friction in Kirkwall. Isabela permanently leaves the party afterwards.
  • Meets with the Arishok regarding the elven converts and uses the special aggressive option to demand the elves by force if necessary. After hostilities break out she reunites with Carver and Stroud in Lowtown. Later, she decides to lead the assault herself on the Viscount's Keep knowing that she must distinguish herself through heroic actions if she wants to prevent Knight-Commander Meredith from going after her now that she knows she's an apostate. For the same reasons she also decides to follow Meredith's attack plan. At the throne room the Arishok calls her 'bas' and has to fight first the Qunari Honor Guard before finally he declares her 'basalit-an'. An all-out brawl is prevented when Fenris arranges a duel between Hawke and the Arishok from which Marian emerges victorious as well as Kirkwall's newest Champion.

Act 3

  • Defers to Varric on what to do with Gerav; they are forced to kill the creator of Bianca. Before descending underground, Malvernis is also killed.
  • Uncovers her father's involvement with the prison and his usage of blood magic. She also pays her respects to Dumat by offering four sacrifices in his altar and does not defile it.
  • Initially sides with Janeka but in the end she betrays her by supporting Warden-Commander Larius after seeing Anders' breakdown and realizing that Janeka is being used. Corypheus is released from his prison but when he realizes that the blood of the Hawke held him captive, a fight breaks out with Corypheus being defeated.
  • Meets Leliana on behalf of Grand Cleric Elthina and Marian reassures the Divine's agent that the situation in Kirkwall is under control.
  • Tells Sebastian "We all have our part to play" during his Questioning Beliefs in an effort to direct him away from the 'Chantry brother' concept and start grooming him to have a Prince under her influence.
  • Assists Varric with the haunting issue at Bartrand's Estate. After the Ethereal golem is defeated, she keeps the piece of the red lyrium idol for herself. They also examine the Merchants' Guild ledgers.
  • Questions Aveline about the serious accusations that are made against her. After she proves that they are simply slanders and no Guards actually believe them, she tracks down the source and confronts Jeven in Darktown. Marian also recognizes some in the crowd and reminds them that she fought with them against the Qunari.
  • Agrees to accompany Merrill to Pride's End and consult the trapped demon about the Eluvian. After fighting the possessed Marethari, she correctly assumes that the demon has not been defeated and Merrill stabs the Keeper. Upon exiting the cave, she tells the elves that Marethari was possessed but the Dalish blame Merrill and turn hostile leading to the wiping out of the Sabrae clan.
    • In the aftermath, during the discussion with Merrill, she blames Marethari and the clan before suggesting Merrill stay with her.
  • Completes A Noble Agenda by killing the templars and The Awiergan Scrolls by destroying Hybris. She also gives a sylvanwood ring to Merrill.
  • Helps Anders gather the materials that he needs. Even though she unsuccessfully pressures him into revealing his exact plans, she does one more favor for him and distracts the Grand Cleric. Marian does not report any of his activities.
  • Agrees to help Orsino in finding out more about those secret meetings. However the conspirators become hostile when they identify the Champion. At the Docks she lets Keran go and also learns that Carver has been taken captive. At the Wounded Coast she tells Samson that she supports the mages and to Thrask that she is against Meredith. After the fight she asks Cullen to show Alain mercy and recommends that Meredith reinstate Samson considering that he would owe her for this service.
  • Completes all gang and fetch quests. Those in the previous Acts had all been completed as well. As a result she also receives a bonus reward from the Friends of Red Jenny.
  • Accompanies Fenris to the meeting with his sister. Marian betrays him when they are ambushed by Danarius and his men; this is payback for when Fenris betrayed her in the Fade, but also because of the risks involved with fighting a dreadful Magister and finally the influence and money she can gain by returning to Danarius his lost property.
    • Danarius later sends a letter with money, an invitation and the confirmation that Fenris' memories have been wiped out.
  • When the Right of Annulment is invoked following the explosion at the Chantry, she sides with the mages. Marian tells Anders that he could have trusted her. However, after pressure from Sebastian, she kills Anders, both because of Anders' acting behind her back and to make him a martyr. Carver is later encountered and joins the party. Orsino is killed after turning into an abomination. In the final battle against Meredith, Hawke is joined by Merrill, Sebastian, Aveline, Carver, Varric, Cullen, Donnic, Nathaniel and Samson.
  • Word of the slaughter at Kirkwall is spread quickly and Marian's name becomes a rallying cry for the pro-mage cause.
  • When templar reinforcements arrive at Kirkwall, Marian is long gone. All her companions leave her side eventually, except for Merrill.
    • Aveline remains as Kirkwall's Captain of the Guard.
    • Sebastian becomes the Prince of Starkhaven.
    • Varric returns to Kirkwall and is captured and interrogated by the Seekers of Truth because of his association with Hawke.

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • After the rebellion, Marian hears that the Divine is contemplating an Exalted March on Kirkwall so she leaves and and goes into hiding hoping to distract and divide Chanty forces as much as possible. However that proves to be unneeded as the Circles start rebelling one by one.
  • When she realizes what is happening with the Wardens she immediately has Aveline take Carver as far away as possible. Merrill on the other hand continues helping elven refugees who are displaced by the war. She also maintains contact with Varric.
  • Meets Inquisitor Ellana Lavellan at Skyhold and assists the Inquisition with tracking down her Warden contact who is hiding in Crestwood, Senior Warden Stroud. Afterwards she assists the Inquisition in finding more about the Grey Wardens in the Western Approach and fights for the Inquisition during the Siege of Adamant Fortress. Marian physically enters the Fade along with Stroud and Ellana's party but manages to escape the Nightmare's Lair.
  • After the siege, she travels to Weisshaupt to inform the Grey Wardens about what had occurred in the south and to warn them about the dangers posed by Corypheus.


This section contains spoilers for:

  • After the events at the Exalted Council in 9:44 Dragon, she joins Viscount Varric in Kirkwall and assists him with rebuilding the city.


Marian and Merrill

Marian and Merrill

Equipment & Spell build[]

Marian main equipment

Marian Hawke in fighting outfit

Marian spell build

Marian Hawke spell build




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"(Laughs) Oh, you I like!"
Flemeth during the escape from Lothering
"Fine! Money is that you wish, to avoid dragging my Olivia's name through the mud?"
―Ser Thrask after being blackmailed
"Schism, Serah Hawke. It is inevitable. And I'm sure we will meet again someday."
―Petrice after her dismissal from the Chantry in Kirkwall
"You condone this? The brutal death of an innocent woman of faith? Someone you knew! Who trusted you!"
―Sebastian after Marian approves of Anders' actions
"No Keeper, no clan, no people... I have nobody but you."
―Merrill after the destruction of her clan


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