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"Being part of a cause was never really my thing. But the Inquisition's something I can make an exception for."
―Malric Asher

Malric Asher is a human male who participated in Ferelden Blight and later joined the Inquisition to save Thedas from Corypheus.


Very little is known about Malric's background outside of him briefly serving as a solder in the Fereldan army and later a travelling mercenary. Even during Leliana's time as the Left Hand of the Divine, she admitted to the Inquisitor that Malric is almost a ghost despite her vast resources, with information on him being exceedingly scarce, other than he may have some relation to a powerful noble family.

What information Leliana could find primarily involved him in his mercenary days, often charging exceedingly high prices for his fighting skills and then refusing the payments, oftentimes only asking for minor things such as food or medical supplies.

Malric's only real insight to his background was some information regarding his life as a mercenary which was relatively little other than taking some harsh jobs that would mentally and emotionally scar a normal man, suggesting he'd taken part of morally wrong jobs.

The Blight[]

Malric first encountered the Warden and Alistair in a local tavern in Denerim. Initially presenting himself as local hired muscle waiting for a job to come his way. He sneered at the two Warden's as they took brief refuge to discuss their plans in how to handle the Blight while the rest of the party were at the camp.

The Breach[]

The Exalted Council[]


Malric comes off as jaded and reserved when interacting with his allies.

Malric is incredibly vague and seldom talks about his personal life especially when it comes to his early years growing up, any attempts to get him to open up about his past results oftentimes in mere mockery or rebukes.

His sense of humour comes off as dry and dark, openly mocking the Circle for its inability to keep Mages safe and half jokingly agreed that the Right of Annulment should be used to purge any risk of demonic possession during the events of the Blight in Ferelden, but ultimately followed the Warden's lead in their decision to save the Circle with little argument.

Malric has also admitted that he despises fighting for a cause as he believes it ultimately results in further tyrannical rulings which make problems worse than they originally were, with the only cause he dedicated himself to being the Inquisition as it threatened all of Thedas and he was outraged when a majority of Thedas demanded that the Inquisition be disavowed after Corypheus was defeated.

Despite his outward disposition to unnecessary fighting for a cause he's admitted several times the only real time he finds himself "alive" is during battle but openly opposes unnecessary killing as it creates an endless circle of revenge. When asked to elaborate further on this, Malric explained that were he to kill an innocent father the child could likely grow up wanting revenge and cause more misery and death than if he were to leave the father alone, this creates his "code" to never kill people judged to be innocent and as a result seldom takes mercenary work unless it involves criminals.

Even with his "code" he has little qualms about letting people die if it serves a greater purpose, an example is the situation involving Connor Guerrin's possession thanks to a demon of desire, Malric bluntly gave his opinion to let the boy die if no other option could be decided in how to handle the situation if it ensured Eamon would be able to be saved. Malric later admitted to Loghain that while he doesn't agree with the decision to sound the retreat and let Cailan die, he understood why the disgraced Teryn made the decision.

Personality : The Blight[]

When the Warden first met Malric in Denerim during the Blight, Malric initially presented himself as nothing more than dumb muscle waiting for his next job, and later lied on the behalf of the Warden and Alistair to keep them safe.

After being asked why he intervened, Malric simply explained it amused him to get involved and figured that the Grey Wardens wouldn't be as stupid as to intentionally let the King of Ferelden die given how tense relations are with the Order and a majority of Ferelden in general.

During his travels with the Warden and their party, Malric primarily kept to himself but slowly opened up to the Warden as they got to know each other, even going as far as admitting that he admires the Warden and considers them a great leader who he'd happily lend his sword for. This respect for the Warden grew after they helped him deal with a hostile mercenary group that attempted to take the life of someone who he claimed had dear value to him.

Personality: The Breach[]

Personality: The Exalted Council[]


During the Blight in Ferelden, Malric's appearance was noted as being rugged but also harsh, with Morrigan expressing some level of attraction to him as well as Leliana mentioning that she finds him handsome in his own unique way. Malric bares several scars from his mercenary days, with a notable one being on his right arm which he joked is his favourite.

Malric's build was described as fairly lean but heavily muscular and noted to be able to carry more than his body would imply. He also claimed that his beard was to hide a severe birth defect that caused part of his jaw to be heavily rotten, but when asked if he was serious he dodged the question.

Malric's appearance during The Breach had changed very little, outside of gaining several more scars and appearing more aged from battle stress, he was noted to still have his "unique" handsomeness by Leliana, with the former Bard expressing surprise that he's changed very little considering his harsh lifestyle. Dorian also noted that Malric is relatively handsome for someone who lived such a harsh life style with his past as a mercenary as well as taking part in the Blight.