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Character Louis Aldouin

Louis Milheim
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Mage
Title: None
Specialization: Battlemage

Nicholas Milheim (father)

Michelle Aldouin (mother)

Miles Milheim (brother)

Vincent Aldouin (uncle)

Appearances: Coming Soon

Louis (born 9:13 Dragon) is an Orlesian Circle Mage turned Apostate following the start of the Orlesian Civil War.


Louis was born to the Aldouin family in Lydes, and had never known his father as he was executed for being an apostate, courtesy of house Aldouin's bribery. Despite this, his mother never blamed him for it though he was much resented for his magic affinity by the rest of the Aldouins.

In the Circle, he turned out to be quite talented and trained to become a Battlemage. Shortly before Miles' arrival to Lydes however he joined a rebel group in the early days of the Rebellion. He is rumored to be in a mage-run group that supports the rebels. Having been promised greater autonomy.