"Lords and ladies of the court, I hereby introduce His Royal Majesty, King Alistair of House Theirin, First of His Name, Lord of the Landsmeet, Defender of the Chantry, and Protector of the Realm."
Grand Cleric Elemena

Lord of the Landsmeet (female equivalent being Lady of the Landsmeet) is the second title claimed by the ruler of the Ferelden, along with King of Ferelden, Defender of the Chantry and Protector of the Realm.


This is loosely comparable to how some real-life medieval monarchies continued to claim titles that they no longer possessed de facto. The kings of England styled themselves "King of France" long after the English had lost all their French territory and any prospect of reclaiming it, and "Lord of Ireland" when they had little practical control of the country. 

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