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Character Lokai Svein

Lokai Svein
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Title: Templar (Formerly)
Specialization: Templar

Surlon Svein  (Brother)

Raylan Svein (Father)

Appearances: Coming Soon

Lokai (born 9:5 Dragon) is a Fereldan Templar, formerly in service of the Anderfels Chantry, and now a Knight in service of Redcliffe.


Lokai was born in Redcliffe, he lost his mother at age five as she gave birth to his brother, and while very young, he always held some resent for Surlon since. Luckily Raylan raised them as a pair and the resentment eventually grew into a friendly rivalry. Being the older brother, Lokai always looked to outdo his brother, and in turn, Surlon pushed himself beyond his limits. When Lokai refused knighthood in favor of becoming a Templar in the Anderfels, Surlon lost a lot of motivation and Lokai turned out a lot more succesful in his exploits, in the Anderfels, he learnt of the Chantry's control method, and secretly did not take Lyrium, despite the lack of Lyrium he became one of the best among his peers and was sent to combat apostates in Orlais, near Andoral's Reach. There, he was reunited with Surlon, who happened to be traveling with Miles' party, and following the short reunion, Surlon was captured by the Templars on accounts of harboring an apostate. Lokai helped Surlon escape, and following Surlon's near-death experience with the Chantry he had followed for so long, he decided that for now, it is best to return to Redcliffe and serve the Arl that had treated his family kindly after the Fereldan Independence war instead.