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King Kordil I Eògan was the first and last King of Ferelden before King Calenhad. A legendary warrior and ruler, Kordil was the alleged offspring and illegitimate son of Emperor Kordilous II Drakon and a daughter of the Alamarri Arl of Bronarch in Crestwood in 1:89 Divine.

Revered in both Ferelden and Orlais as one of holiest Kings of old and distinguished by his long reign of rule which lasted over a hundred years. Kordil's bloodline still endures and has been linked to the Therein, Cousland, Campana, Vallisti, de chalons, and Trevelyan families.

Following his death the Divine declared Kordil one of the Annointed, while his unified Kingdom was broken up and left in pieces according to Kordil's orders. Following his death, his great-great-grandson, Alaric Eògan would succeed him as the Teryn of Bronarch.

Centuries after his death, his descendant, Amara Eògan would marry King Weylon I Therein, legitimizing Therein rule over Ferelden and allowing the Eògan family to influence the kingdom that Kordil founded and destroyed.


Considered exceptionally handsome according to historical records, Kordil allegedly had hair black as night and eyes a deep purple. He was said to be tall and broad shouldered with well-defined muscle and a strong and robust physique. Scholars attribute these records to the fact he apparently only started noticeably aging physically after his ninety eighth birthday.

Additionally, his Male descendants have been known to live considerably longer lives than others and have many children throughout the generations lending credence to stories about Kordil's famed strength, vigor, fertility and beauty.


Before his Reign[]

Very little records either exist or have survived to the Dragon Age that talk of Kordil's personality, however the noble families of Ferelden all have stories regarding him and his reign. These stories have largely been preserved by word of mouth, but it paints the necessary picture to Kordil's personality.

It is said that Kordil was a proud, but compassionate man. He was impatient and stubborn and said to be very ambitious. Records recorded by Divine Renata and preserved by her successors indicate that Kordil was a pious man, but despised fanaticism and zealotry. This is proved by later accounts following his conquest of Ancient Ferelden.

According to the legends of both House Eògan and House Cormac, Kordil was deeply in love with his wife Amara Cormac and slew a High Dragon that had been terrorizing Cormac's lands to prove his worth to her father before asking for Amara's hand. These legends are disputed however by House Eremon of Waking Sea who claim that although Kordil did in fact marry Amara, he actually loved the daughter of Teyrn Alaric Eremon. Modern Scholars doubt the authenticity of House Eremon's claims, citing evidence that Teyrn Alaric was in fact the son of Teyrn Antan, himself a son of Kordil himself.


Upon his ascension to the Arl of Bronarch following the deaths of all other heirs, Kordil quickly began to show his ambitious nature, forcing his neighbors to submit and take the lands of those he would not. It's worth noting however, that in the instances of the latter, Kordil was said to return those lands to the sons and daughters of the Arls and Teyrns he took them from after consolidating them, setting clear borders, and eventually marrying his own sons and daughters to the offspring of the Arl's and Teyrn's he defeated.

Divine Renata herself was reputed to have commended Kordil for his conciliatory attitude to former foes.

Kordil is said to have been a brilliant tactician and general, and evidence suggests there is truth to such words. It was Kordil he made it a tradition for the Personal Guard of House Eògan to have Mabari Pups imprint on recruits early in their training, creating a strong bond and partnership that eventually caused Mabari's to become a mainstay of the Ferelden Army.


Arl of Bronarch[]

Kordil ascended to the position of Arl of Bronarch and Crestwood in 2:05 Glory following the deaths of all the other heirs. His, Grandfather on his deathbed, legitimized Kordil, as Kordil of House Eògan, which in the Ferelden Alamarri Tongue meant Glory. After becoming the Arl, Kordil knew he needed a strong alliance to maintain his grip on Bronarch and Crestwood.

Knowing that there were only a few suitable candidates and he'd need to do something extraordinary to prove his valor and worth, Kordil meticulously selected Amara Cormac as the woman he'd marry as her father, Arl Armadius Cormac was the Arl of Amaranthine and a powerful ruler who was a Teyrn in all but name as well as the grandson of Hafter. Journeying to Amaranthine, he asked Arl Armadius doe Amara's hand.

Arl Armadius however flat-out denied his request, calling Kordil an insignificant and illegitimate ruler in the eyes of the Maker who had yet to prove his worth. Though furious at being denied, Kordil challenged Armadius to wager.

The Bride Price[]

Armadius was intrigued by Kordil's challenge and demanded to know the terms of the challenge. The terms were simple, Kordil wished to marry Amara, but Armadius refused on the grounds he had no worth. Kordil said that Armadius would give him a challenge to prove his worth, a challenge that stacked the odds in the favor of Armadius. If Kordil was able to overcome that challenge and provide proof, then he would have proved his worth firstly to Armadius as a ruler, and secondly to Amara as a man.

Armadius agreed and commanded Kordil to slay the Dragon that had been terrorizing Amaranthine for the last ten years. Kordil, unafraid of death and eager to prove himself, agreed and told Armadius he would be back within the next two weeks or not at all.

Killing The Dragon[]

Setting out into the highlands of Cormac territory alone Kordil, tracked the Dragon for two days before coming into battle with it. Barely escaping with his life, a wounded Kordil found refuge in a deep cave, where he was eventually found by chance by a group of Dwarves. Impressed by his courage to face a dragon and hearing his story and desire to prove himself worthy, the Dwarves took him to Paragon Vartak, a renowned smith who - using the Silverite in the caverns beneath Cormac territory, forged him a strong and durable set of armor and weapons, and had his son, Paragon Vorin enchant it with exceptional runes.

With his new armor and weapons Kordil slew the Dragon, but received heavy scarring and more than a few burns as a result. With the aid of the Dwarves, Kordil transported