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Due to his Human and Qunari heritage, Khal's shares several physical features belonging to both races. One thing that many tend to notice is his voice whenever he speaks; it is masculine and described as being strong and confident with an subtle accent that draws everyones attention towards him. Due to his Qunari heritage, he is considerably taller when compared to other non-qunari as he stands at . His face is often described to be handsome and clean-shaven with somewhat rugged features that made him rather attractive. His eyes. Khal has . His physique, while more lean when compared to other Qunari, is still muscular and well-toned combined with broad shoulders. He is often described as bearing himself with great dignity and giving off an intense, commanding air befitting that of an leader. His skin is that is marked by a cross-shaped scar on the lower part of his abdomen while an horizontal, jagged scar marked his left side. It is noted that his handsome looks and muscular body often makes him popular with many females along with a smile that described as "charming and warm" though his large height and build tends to make him menacing to others.