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Vital statistics
Title None; formerly a saarebas
Gender Male
Race Kossith
Faction Broken Plate Company; formerly the Qunari
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Status Living
Location Kirkwall

Katabas is a kossith mage, currently in the service of the Broken Plate Company. Formerly a saarebas attached to the Qunari faction that landed in Kirkwall, he was separated from the others after being "liberated" by a member of Lady Hollary's abolitionists. The abolitionist mistakenly believed that the saarebas was a slave, and killed his arvaraad (handler) before bringing him back to Lady Hollary's place. The killing drew the wrath of the Qunari, resulting in Lady Hollary's death, but the Qunari's attempt to kill the saarebas was thwarted by Lady Hollary's lover, Ammanielle Kast. Effectively exiled from the Qunari, the saarebas submitted to Kast's command, despite her offer of freedom, and was thus recruited into the Broken Plate Company, operated by her and her half-brother Jonard.

As the company's resident mage (and designated heavy lifter), Katabas is highly depressive. As far as he is concerned, his life is over (the name that he gave to himself, Katabas, means "dead thing" in the Qunari language.) While he is given a cut of every job the company gets, he takes very little joy in his work, haunted as he is by the knowledge of all the people who died because of him.