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Theirin heraldry
Theirin heraldry
"This man jeopardized the safety of the realm, Father. You have to deal with him like you would any other man. I'm sure he had his reasons, but no reason is good enough. Just promise me you'll exact justice."
―Johanna to Alistair

Princess Johanna Theirin is the daughter and heiress to King Alistair I Theirin and Queen Anora. She is currently betrothed to marry her childhood friend Adrien Cousland.


Born in 9:34 Dragon, Princess Johanna is the only daughter of King Alistair I Theirin and Queen Anora. As her father's firstborn child, she is heiress to Ferelden's royal throne. She grew up within the halls of the Royal Palace in Denerim. Johanna takes after her mother in terms of looks, charm and intelligence, yet is somewhat more assertive and independent than her father. As a child, she spent most of her time in court studying the arts of governance and swordsmanship; additionally, Johanna is good at sewing, embroidering, poetry, singing, dancing, literature, etiquette, history and music.

When the Left Hand of the Divine arrived in Ferelden on behalf of the Chantry in 9:37, Johanna met and became fast friends with the young Adrien Cousland. The two maintained a close correspondence with one another during the outbreak of the mage rebellion, occasionally writing letters from Ferelden and Orlais.

Personality and traits

Johanna seems to be a sweet girl who cares about her family. While she possesses many intellectual properties like her mother, she is much more judgemental and decisive than her father.

Titles, styles, honors and arms

Titles and styles

  • 9:34 Dragon – present: Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Ferelden


Through her father, Johanna is a direct descendant of Calenhad the Great who united the Alamarri tribes into a single nation and ruled as the first King of Ferelden.

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