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Jax Haddon (born 8:99 Blessed) was a Templar commander who fought at Ostagar during the Fifth Blight. He also held the rank of major in the Ferelden army. In the Battle of Ostagar, he commanded a battalion of infantry and a personal squadron of Templars. Haddon was part of King Cailan's elite force, which engaged the Darkspawn throughout the entire battle. However, after Loghain's betrayal, Haddon, along with about a company of surviving infantrymen and Templars, managed to get out Ostagar, becoming some of the few survivors of the rout.

As the Ferelden Civil War began, Haddon and his band of troops, which he named as the "Ferelden Militia", largely ignored the infighting between Loghain's faction and the royalists. Instead, Haddon slowly led the group north as the Blight advanced. They ambushed the advancing Darkspawn and destroyed their equipment, burning down supplies in the countryside to keep them out of their hands. Their insurgency did not give the Blight any significant damage, though did slow down some forward contingents of Darkspawn. Him and his men later fought at the Battle of Denerim.


Haddon was born and raised in Denerim, the capitol of Ferelden. There, he was given a military upbringing by his father, who was an officer of the Denerim city guard.


Haddon's two strongest emotions were patriotism and loyalty. Considered by members of the Ferelden army staff to be a brilliant commander and skilled fighter, he was well experienced and educated in the art of war. This, combined with his near-fanatical devotion to his nation and people, made him a deadly opponent. Even after the devastation of the Ferelden army at the Battle of Ostagar and the death of the King, Haddon urged his surviving troops to continue fighting, which they did so. He largely ignored the civil war, and did not affiliate with either side, stating that his loyalty was to "the people of Ferelden."