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Known Members[]

  • Bann Sarim Cousland
  • Bann Haelia/Mather Cousland
  • Teyrna Elethea Cousland - She was both an Alamarri and a Fereldan.
  • Teyrn Ardal Cousland - He was killed at the Battle of Lothering during the Second Orlesian Invasion of Ferelden, defending King Vanedrin.
  • Teyrn William Cousland - The father of Bryce Cousland.
  • Teyrn Bryce Cousland
  • Teyrna Eleanor Cousland
  • Teyrn Fergus Cousland
  • Adeline Cousland - Queen of Ferelden and one of two wardens to end the fifth Blight
  • Oriana Cousland - First wife of Fergus Cousland, she was assassinated in the coup instigated by Arl Howe.
  • Oren Cousland - The son of Fergus Cousland and Oriana, he was assassinated in the coup instigated by Arl Howe along with his mother and paternal grandparents.
  • Idunna Cousland - Second wife of Fergus Cousland. She failed preventing the deaths of Starkhaven's royal family.
  • Rhiannon
  • Eleanor
  • Lillian
  • Michael