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"The Trevelyans are nobility from Ostwick, a city-state on the southern coast of the Free Marches. It is an old and distinguished family, in good standing among its peers, and with strong ties to the Chantry. Its youngest sons and daughters—those third- or fourth-born children with little chance of becoming heirs—often join the Chantry to become templars or clerics."
—Excerpt from Trevelyan, the Free Marcher

House Trevelyan is a noble family from Ostwick in the Free Marches.



Originating in the dual walled Free Marcher city of Ostwick, the Trevelyans are a noble house noted for their piety and connections within the Chantry and the Templar Order. Younger members of the family are often expected to follow a career in service of the Chantry either as a member of the Chantry itself or as a Templar, regardless of their personal feelings or motivations. Many members of the family presently serve as members of the Chantry and the Trevelyans are reliably on a first name basis with most of the Chantry in Ostwick.

The Trevelyans have relatives among the nobility of Nevarra and the Tevinter Imperium, including House Pavus. The Trevelyans also maintain a relationship with House Montilyet of Antiva.

War against the Elder One[]

In 9:41 Dragon, several members of House Trevelyan attended a Chantry conclave seeking to put an end to the Mage-Templar War. Included among the delegation was Maxwell Trevelyan, the youngest child of Bann Trevelyan, who was sent to assist his relatives.

After a cataclysmic event, Maxwell ended up becoming the Inquisitor, leader of the reformed Inquisition.



  • Lady Lucille — Maxwell's great-aunt. She is known across the Free Marches for her appreciation of Antivan opera, especially The Murder of Queen Madrigal and frequently holds summer balls at the Trevelyan Estate.
  • Bann Trevelyan — Maxwell's father and current head of House Trevelyan.
    • Lady Evelyn Trevelyan — Bann Trevelyan's daughter and Maxwell's older sister.
    • Inquisitor Maxwell Trevelyan — Bann Trevelyan's youngest child. Attended the Divine Conclave in 9:41 Dragon. Survived the explosion of the Temple of Sacred Ashes caused by the Breach. Called "the Herald of Andraste" for sealing the Breach and multiple Fade rifts after receiving the Anchor on his left palm. Became leader of the modern Inquisition.
  • Lady Osher Lotharn Trevelyan Bayart — One of Maxwell's cousins.
  • Lord Albrecht — One of Maxwell's distant relatives.
  • Philliam Bernard Aloicious Trevelyan — Better known as Philliam, a Bard!