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"The House of Trevelyan prides piety above all other things. Second-born children and lower are expected to serve the Andrastian Chantry or the Templar Order whilst the rare magical members of the family are shunned and never spoken of again." ―Excerpt from A Brief History of Free Marcher Nobility

House Trevelyan is a noble family from Ostwick in the Free Marches. A noble house of moderate standing, the Trevelyans of Ostwick are noted for their extreme piety and devotion to the Chantry, as well as their prideful nature.

Originally from Qarinus in the Tevinter Imperium, the Trevelyans were members of the Soporati social class and held a somewhat prestigious line of horse-breeders. This was until an unnamed Trevelyan showed signs of magical abilities, earning him the status of Laetan and elevating the Trevelyans as a minor nobility.

This did not last long, as all of the Laetan's descendants lacked magical powers. Fearing a decrease in power, the Trevelyans fled to Ostwick and settled there.

Other than their piety, the Trevelyans are famous for their physical features. All known members of the Trevelyan bloodline carry a prominent trait which gives each member pale-blonde or platinum-white hair and purple or bright blue eyes.

Known members[]

  • Bann Aegon Trevelyan - Current patriarch of the Trevelyan family.
  • Alexandra Trevelyan - Wife of Bann Aegon.
  • Aegor Trevelyan - Firstborn son of Aegon. Heir to Villa Trevelyan.
  • Knight-Templar Maegor Trevelyan - Twin brother to Aegor. A Templar.
  • Sister Daena Trevelyan - First daughter of Aegon. Sister of the Chantry.
  • Rhaena Trevelyan - Twin-sister to Daena.
  • Aenys Trevelyan - Third-born son of Aegon. Deceased.
  • Inquisitor Aerion Trevelyan - Twin-brother to Aenys. Inquisitor of the second Inquisition.
  • Lucille - Great-aunt of Inquisitor Aerion
  • Lady Osher Lotharn Trevelyan Bayart - A cousin of Inquisitor Aerion
  • Lord Albrecht - A distant relative of Inquisitor Aerion
  • Philliam Bernard Aloicious Trevelyan, better known as Philliam, a Bard!