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"Calenhad was crowned King in Denerim that year, with Mairyn his Queen, but he spent much of the months that followed nursing Lady Shayna back to health. King Calenhad's Ferelden was peaceful for a time, with the Chantry spreading quickly under the King's guidance. Everywhere the King and Queen went, they were surrounded by cheering crowds. The common folk celebrated Calenhad as one of their own who had achieved the impossible, and trade opened up with many outside lands for the first time in Ferelden's existence."
―Brother Herren, Chantry scribe, 8:10 Blessed

House Theirin of Denerim is the royal house of the Kingdom of Ferelden. Its founder, Calenhad the Great, defeated and united the various warring Alamarri tribes under a single banner to form the realm nearly four hundred years before the Fifth Blight. At the end of his campaign, he was crowned as King Calenhad I. Many of his descendants sat upon the throne of Ferelden until it was deposed during the Second Orlesian Invasion of Ferelden and House Valmont of the Orlesian Empire conquered it. For nearly 80 years the Theirins continued leading the rebellion against its occupiers under Brandel and his daughter Moira before her son Maric overthrew the Orlesian King Meghren Dufayel and secured the country's independence following the Battle of Denerim.

House Theirin became officially extinct after the death of King Cailan I Theirin against the darkspawn at the Battle of Ostagar, but was revived by Maric's bastard son Alistair when a Landsmeet was called upon to diplomatically resolve the Fereldan Civil War. Upon being legitimized, he was crowned as King Alistair I of House Theirin and married his half-brother's widow Queen Anora before helping the Hero of Ferelden defeat the Fifth Blight.

House Theirin's sigil is two crimson mabaris rampant on a golden field, and their house words are "One from Many."



The first notable Theirin was undoubtedly Calenhad. He became teyrn of Denerim (when Denerim was still a teyrnir) in 5:33 Exalted. By some feat of skill or luck, he convinced the Circle of Magi to craft him an enchanted suit of silver-white armor (Calenhad to this day is referred to as "The Silver Knight"), which seemed to deflect both arrow and blade. He then became the third - and to date, last - person to successfully lay siege to Redcliffe and conquer it. Following this feat, he presented himself to the Landsmeet flanked by Ash Warriors and Circle mages and declared himself king. Every lord and lady present bowed before him. He blazed through Ferelden, uniting the entire land behind him as king.

Following Calenhad's conquest, the Theirins ruled Ferelden for over three hundred years, until in 8:44 Blessed, the Orlesian Empire conquered Ferelden and deposed the ruling Theirin king, Brandel I, son of King Vanedrin I Theirin. An Orlesian puppet king was installed on the Fereldan throne, answering to the Emperor in Val Royeaux. In the latter years of the occupation, that king was Meghren Dufayel, first cousin and alleged spurned lover of Emperor Florian Valmont.

The deposed King Brandel Theirin unsuccessfully continued fighting the Orlesians, until his death. During the Orlesian occupation, Moira Theirin, daughter of the overthrown King Brandel (commonly known as Brandel the Defeated) inspired and led the rebellion, along with several rebel lords. She was betrayed by a group of banns who had pretended to support the rebellion, and was murdered in 8:96 Blessed (a crime that was avenged three years later). Her head was mounted above the doors of the Royal Palace. Despite never being crowned, Moira was well-loved and well-respected among Fereldans, remembered fondly as "The Rebel Queen".

Moira's son, Maric Theirin, took up his mother's rebellion despite heavy losses suffered by the rebels. He waged war alongside a skilled farmer named Loghain Mac Tir who saved his life, and Rowan, the daughter of Arl Rendorn Guerrin and the woman to whom he was betrothed. Maric led the army to a victory at Gwaren, and again managed to defend the town from Orlesian forces despite the significantly reduced numbers of the rebel army. The turning point however, came when the rebels were rallied at the River Dane, and a major victory against Orlais was won at that battle. The rebellion successfully pushed back the occupiers for three more years, before laying siege to Denerim, where the usurper King Meghren was personally slain by Maric atop Fort Drakon in 9:2 Dragon. Maric was dubbed "Maric the Savior", and was later crowned. King Maric married his betrothed, Rowan, with whom he had one child, Cailan.

Cailan ascended the throne after his father was lost at sea in 9:25 Dragon, and married Anora Mac Tir, daughter of Loghain (made Teyrn of Gwaren for his part in the rebellion) who had helped to raise Cailan.




  • King Calenhad I Theirin † — founder and first King of Ferelden from 5:42 Exalted before abdicating the throne in favor of his unborn son. Called "Calenhad the Great", "The Silver Knight", "First of the Theirin Bloodline", and "Father of Our Fathers." Disappeared without a trace. Named as one of the Anointed by the Chantry in 7:88 Storm.
    • Queen Mairyn † — his wife.
      • King Weylan I Theirin † – their son and heir.
  • Queen Fionne I Theirin † – One of Calenhad's descendants. Ascended to the throne in 6:18 Steel.
  • King Arland I Theirin † – One of Calenhad's descendants.
  • King Vanedrin I Theirin † – Ruled from 8:24 to 8:44 Blessed when the Orlesian Empire invaded Ferelden. Killed at the Battle of Lothering.
    • King Brandel I Theirin † – his son and heir. Called "Brandel the Defeated." Continued the rebellion before being succeeded by his daughter Moira.