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"Calenhad was crowned King in Denerim that year, with Mairyn his Queen, but he spent much of the months that followed nursing Lady Shayna back to health. King Calenhad's Ferelden was peaceful for a time, with the Chantry spreading quickly under the King's guidance. Everywhere the King and Queen went, they were surrounded by cheering crowds. The common folk celebrated Calenhad as one of their own who had achieved the impossible, and trade opened up with many outside lands for the first time in Ferelden's existence."
―Brother Herren, Chantry scribe, 8:10 Blessed

House Theirin of Denerim is the ruling royal house of the Kingdom of Ferelden. Its founder, Calenhad the Great, defeated and unified the various warring Alamarri tribes under a single banner to form the realm nearly four hundred years before the Fifth Blight. At the end of Calenhad's campaign, he was crowned as King Calenhad I. Many of his descendants sat upon the throne of Ferelden until it was deposed during the Second Orlesian Invasion of Ferelden and House Valmont of the Orlesian Empire conquered it. For nearly 80 years the Theirins continued leading the rebellion against its occupiers under Brandel and his daughter Moira before her son Maric overthrew the Orlesian King Meghren Dufayel and secured the country's independence following the Battle of Denerim.

House Theirin became extinct following King Cailan's death against the darkspawn at the Battle of Ostagar, but was revived by Maric's bastard son Alistair when a Landsmeet was called upon to diplomatically resolve the Fereldan Civil War. Upon being legitimized, he was crowned as King Alistair I and married his half-brother's widow Queen Anora before helping the Hero of Ferelden defeat the Fifth Blight.

House Theirin's sigil is two crimson mabaris rampant on a golden field, and their house words are "One from Many."





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