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House Montilyet-Trevelyan is a dual Cadet-Branch to House Montilyet of Antiva City and House Trevelyan of Ostwick. Founded around 9:43 Dragon age, when Lord Inquisitor Anasterian Trevelyan The Redeemer married long time lover and companion Josephine Cherette Montilyet in Val Royeaux.



During 9:43 Dragon Age Inquisitor Anasterian Trevelyan and Lady Josephine Montilyet chose to marry after a three year romance between them.

Both of Nobility and distinguished reputation, their wedding was obviously a big deal, more so as longtime friend Divine Victoria agreed to officiate the marriage.

Nobles from across all of Thedas clamored for an invitation. The most distinguished guests included Empress Celene, Grand Duke Gaspard, Queen Anora Mac Tir and Prince-Consort Aedan Cousland. Magister's Dorian Pavus and Maeveris Tilani, Archon Radonis, King Markus Pentaghast, and King Wilhelm and Prince Baldewin

Early History and Foundations[]

Titles and Lands Anew[]