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Hanalhaon, armored and covered in blood from battle.

Hanalhaon is a Dalish Elf coming from a clan that has wandered Thedas since time immemorial. He is a warrior of his clan and one of the very few alive on Thedas today to remember and practice the discipline of the ancient Arcane Warriors.


As an elf, Hanalhaon is about the size of a man. He is of thin build, atheletically muscular and fit. He has very long hair, a very dark blond in coloration, with blue eyes. As an elf, he has pointed ears. Unlike most of his Dalish brethren, Hanalhaon has no tattooing on his body, something which marks him as one apart from the clan. Many have considered Hanalhaon to be exceptionally handsome and attractive.


While he is loyal to his clan and the elves as a whole, Hanalhaon oftentimes wonders if by preserving the Dalish way of life is to be a part of a losing battle. While he understands and thinks that the elven hatred for humankind is justified, he also believes that the elves would prosper by completely merging with human society. Unlike other Dalish, Hanalhaon is curious about the humans, the dwarves and the world outside of his clan.

Despite his presence around magic and his upbringing around magic, Hanalhaon does not trust it. He believes it, somewhat naively, to be sleight of hand and "witchery".





  • Hanalhaon's likeness is taken from the unreleased portrayal of Gil-Galad in the Lord of the Rings films. He is portrayed by Mark Ferguson.
  • Hanalhaon, like Fenris, are elves prized by their unique talents.
  • Hanalhaon would be a pomegranate if he were food. Pomegranates are revered, prized for their beauty and ancient.
  • Hanalhaon's theme song would be: Harvest Dawn by Jeremy Soule.
  • Curiously, unlike most Dalish, who wear facial tattoos, Hanalhaon has none whatsoever.