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Glabrio Regulus was a human general of the Tevinter Imperium who fought for the Qarinus League during the Tevinter Civil War, dying at the Fourth Battle of Marnus Pell.


Pre-civil war career[]

Born into a family of the Soporati ("sleeper") social class a few decades before the beginning of the civil war in the Tevinter Imperium, Regulus joined the Imperial Army and quickly rose through the ranks. He was considered to be a talented strategist and taught strategic theory for several years at the officer training school in the Imperial capital of Minrathous. He had attained the rank of colonel before the civil war began in -640 Ancient, which was the result of a Laetan magister family, House Calphayus, attempting to seize the throne after the death of Archon Tidarion.

Fourth Battle of Marnus Pell[]

During the civil war, Regulus sided with the Altus magisters of the Qarinus League, wishing to defend the old order. He served as an instructor for the first years of the war before being promoted to general and being given a field command towards the end of the conflict. He lead League troops at the Fourth Battle of Marnus Pell, in which his army was encircled and almost completely destroyed. Two-thirds of his forces were killed, along with him, who died leading a charge in a break-out attempt.


Confident in the League's victory, Regulus believed that the Altus magisters should remain in power. He was also arrogant, thinking himself to be superior to every other officer in the Imperium.


  • He is based on Admiral Staaden, from Legend of Galactic Heroes, whose picture is used to represent the character.