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Character Gaze

Gaze dragon age
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior
Title: None
Specialization: Berserker

None known

Appearances: Coming Soon

Gaze (born 9:11 Dragon) is a Fereldan Chasind refugee that fled to Orlais alongside her clan and several non-chasind refugees where they plagued the countryside before being betrayed by her warlord and joining Miles and his friends.


Gaze was born among her clan in the Korcari Wilds and lived a peaceful life there until rumors of a large band of Darkspawn forced them to flee north. A lot of her clan had perished along the way and she found herself in the presence of an honorless bandit of a man named Mack. A Chasind warrior that rallied the displaced Chasind people and took them across the border to Orlais. Like a horde they travelled across the entire country until being stopped in the north by Miles and his friends. Gaze was left behind after they were defeated by them, when Surlon rallied the villagers behind them. Thanks to Surlon, the survivors of the bandit attacks did not get killed by the villagers straight away, instead, they were given a choice to join them against the one that betrayed them or die. Gaze chose the first, swearing revenge on him. She never got it however, as it was Alryn who killed him off in the end; but rather than parting, she felt a connection with Miles, but eventually left his side to remain with Miles' mother in Lydes. Hoping to find a calmer life there.