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Bann Fearchar Mac Eanraig was the Bann of the Storm Coast Bannorn and head of House Mac Eanraig. He was the father of Teyrna Eleanor Cousland and the grandfather of Fergus and Aedan. Fearchar is a fierce naval commander and a famous raider known for plundering the Orlesian Empire's coasts numerous times during the final stages of the rebellion, earning him the nickname of the "Storm Giant".

Fearchar is the captain of his naval warship, the Lion's Roar.


  • (to Bryce Cousland and Leonas Bryland) "Ah, so Maric sends me two gently-bred roses to do a soldier’s work. Yer ‘heroic actions’ at White River may have won ya the King’s approval, but it will buy ya n’thing but spit and piss in my fleet, understand?"

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