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"In the name of the late King Cailan of House Theirin, the First of His Name, Lord of the Landsmeet, Defender of the Chantry, and Protector of the Realm, I, Aedan of House Cousland, Lord of Highever and Warden of the Order, sentence you to die."
Aedan Cousland sentences Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir to death for regicide

Execution is the punishment of a crime through death. It is often performed in public as a mean of enforcing authority or demoralizing political dissent, particularly in times of political instability.

Noblemen are often executed by beheading - which is considered to be more quick and humane than a comparatively slow death by hanging, which is normally meted out to lowborn criminals (and thus it is considered more humiliating for a nobleman to be hanged), or crucifixion.

Crimes punished by execution

Even though there are no laws that actually limit execution, there are a number of crimes that are stated to result in execution:

In Orzammar, executions may be avoided if the culprit chooses to join the Legion of the Dead to fight darkspawn in the Deep Roads until their death regardless of gender. Across southern Thedas, however, criminals may also avoid the death penalty and be granted immunity if conscripted into the Grey Wardens depending on whether or not a Warden recruiter deems a potential candidate worthy.

List of executions

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