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"All will see my glory."
―Duran to Proving Master
Duran Aeducan - Character development

Duran Aeducan, the Ancestors' favorite.

A royal dwarf who places honor above all else. In his veins runs the blood of Paragon Aeducan. Duran places his race's survival at the top of his priorities. He also values honesty, loyalty and is determined to achieve his goals even if sacrifices have to be made. His weak spot is women and inability to understand how magic works.

Major decisions

Dragon Age: Origins

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Dwarf Noble Origin
  • Supports Scholar Gertek in the argument and arranges for Bruntin Vollney to be publicly killed.
  • Agrees to spend a night with both Mardy and Teli during The Nobles' Feast.
  • Participates in the Proving and defeats every opponent.
  • Refuses to help Lord Dace with his request.
  • Learns from the Mercenary Captain that Trian Aeducan gave him his signet ring during the expedition.
  • Kills his brother and Crown Prince and does not lie to Harrowmont afterwards. He does mention however that he was attacked first.
  • Attempts to bring the bandits to justice, but they refuse so they are killed.
  • Forces the Merchant to share his goods with the refugees.
  • Agrees to help Kitty initially but after solving the puzzle, the Kitty also wants Amalia and Duran refuses. Both Matthias and Amalia are alive and neither possessed.
Soldier's Peak
Return to Ostagar
Circle Tower
Brecilian Forest
  • Kills 'Weylon' after catching some of his inconsistencies.
  • Persuaded by Oghren, he refuses to help Kolgrim and kills him before killing their Lady as well.
  • Passes the flames armored and kills the Guardian.
  • Does not defile the ashes of Andraste and advises Genitivi to be careful with spreading the news about the ashes.
  • Brings the scrolls to Sister Justine.
Final Battle

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Vigil's Keep
  • Saves the merchant and the four soldiers as well as brings the medical supplies to the wounded soldiers.
  • Rescues all four survivors of Vigil's Keep.
The Awakening
Last of the Legion
Wending Wood
Silverite Mine
  • Does not persuade Seranni to give up the key.
  • Listens to Oghren and does not use the ballista to kill the darkspawn, instead fights them head-on.
  • Offers Armaas to work as a merchant at Vigil's Keep and the Tal-Vashoth accepts.
  • Marches to save the city of Amaranthine and does not return to assist with the siege of Vigil's Keep.
    • As the Keep is fully upgraded, it does not fall during the siege.
  • Orders The Messenger to be tied up and executes it before leaving.
  • Refuses to cooperate with The Architect and kills it.
  • The Mother is killed in The Nest.

The Golems of Amgarrak

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Golems of Amgarrak.

Harvest of Amgarrak

Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt.

Flemeth's Hut
Dragonbone Wastes
  • Confronts Morrigan about his son.
  • Eventually Morrigan leaves through the eluvian after giving him a kiss.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • King Bhelen builds a grandiose statue for his brother in the Hall of Heroes.
  • Duran is currently far from Corypheus following leads that may allow the Wardens to prevent the effects of the Calling, and grant them a longer life.
  • He also sends a letter to Inquisitor Lavellan. Some in Orzammar falsely believe that Duran is deceased but Bhelen refuses to declare his brother dead and vows to search for their Paragon.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Alistair Theirin
  • Visits his family and is hardened afterwards by Duran.
  • Becomes the King of Ferelden and Anora is his Queen.
  • 'Friendly' status towards Duran.
  • Confronts Marjolaine after locating her in Denerim and kills her.
  • Starts a relationship with Duran. She also has a threesome with Isabela.
  • Duran ends the relationship after being forced to choose by Morrigan however the two stay in good terms.
  • 'Friendly' status towards Duran.
Loghain Mac Tir
  • Inducted into the Grey Wardens and survives the Joining.
  • Dies after making the final blow on the Archdemon.
  • 'Warm' status towards Duran.
  • Starts a loose relationship with Duran, however she develops deeper feelings after she receives the Black Grimoire forcing Duran to choose between her and Leliana. Duran chooses her.
  • Demands from Duran to kill her mother and take her Grimoire. However Duran refuses since he is honor-bound and owes his life to Flemeth. Subsequently Morrigan leaves the party.
  • Gives birth to Duran's son, Kieran.
  • 'Adore' status towards Duran.
  • With Duran's help, he reconciles with Felsi.
  • 'Friendly' status towards Duran.
  • Not taken by Duran to the Deep Roads considering how the other golems had disappeared. That inadvertently avoids a confrontation between Shale and Duran when he decides to side with Branka.
  • Ventures to Cadash Thaig and discovers its past.
  • 'Warm' status towards Duran.
  • Left in his cell after a short conversation.
Zevran Arainai
  • Killed after his ambush was foiled and so eagerly sold his loyalty.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

  • Duran invokes the Right of Conscription and he is inducted into the Grey Wardens. Later on he survives the Joining.
  • His unlawful request about finding and destroying his phylactery is rejected by the Warden-Commander.
  • 'Warm' status (~40 approval) towards Duran.
  • Visits Kristoff's wife and becomes more determined about serving the Grey Wardens.
  • 'Warm' status (~40 approval) towards Duran.
  • Inducted into the Grey Wardens but does not survive the Joining.
Nathaniel Howe
  • Released from the prison with all his possessions.
  • Meets again with the Warden-Commander on the road and asks to join the Grey Wardens. Duran accepts and he survives the Joining.
  • Reunites with his sister and finally understands the truth about the actions of his father.
  • 'Warm' status (~90 approval) towards Duran.
  • Inducted into the Grey Wardens and survives the Joining.
  • After being convinced by Duran, he keeps contact with his family.
  • 'Warm' status (~90 approval) towards Duran.
  • After clearing Kal'Hirol she is obviously not invited to the Grey Wardens since Sigrun has already taken a vow to serve the Legion of the Dead.


Duran main equipment

Duran Aeducan in full armor




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"You should have been the eldest."
―Unnamed Orzammar noble to Duran
"Ha! You men are all the same."
―Bella after Duran asked for a kiss
"You would hunt our Lady for sport?"
―Kolgrim before being told that their dragon would make a worthy trophy
"Today I will be the warrior you taught me to be."
―Oghren after being assigned to lead the forces at Denerim's gates
"So you stand with the sorceress? It is a sad day when evil finds such ready accomplices."
―Justice while confronting Duran in the Fade


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Arl of Amaranthine
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