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"All will see my glory."
―Duran to Proving Master
Duran Aeducan - Character development

Duran Aeducan, the Ancestors' favorite.

A royal dwarf who places honor above all else. In his veins runs the blood of Paragon Aeducan. Duran places the survival of his race at the top of his priorities. He also values honesty, loyalty and is determined to achieve his goals even if sacrifices have to be made. His weak spots are that women can easily manipulate him and his inability to understand how magic works.

Major decisions[]

Dragon Age: Origins[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Dwarf Noble Origin
  • Clears the town from darkspawn.
  • Agrees to help Kitty initially but after solving the puzzle, the demon also wants Amalia and Duran refuses. Both Matthias and Amalia are alive and neither possessed.
Soldier's Peak
  • Helps the village prepare for the upcoming fight in every possible way except by giving holy symbols to the knights as he considers the deception as dishonorable.
  • Helps Kaitlyn find Bevin. Duran successfully persuades Bevin to give him the sword but pays 5Gold to Kaitlyn for it. He then gets a kiss from Kaitlyn.
  • Intimidates Berwick, gets the letter, and then forces him to participate in the upcoming battle.
  • Protects the village during the attack with no friendly losses.
  • Gives 5Gold to Bella to start a new life in Denerim and gets two kisses from her.
  • Leaves Jowan in his cell.
  • Helps Valena escape from the castle.
  • Rejects any other suggestions and confronts the Desire demon directly. In the aftermath, Isolde mercifully kills her possessed son, Connor.
Return to Ostagar
Circle Tower
  • Duels Imrek because of his offensive words and kills him.
  • Considers Dagna's request and talks to her father. However he is against it so he refuses to help Dagna and encourages her to stay in Orzammar.
  • Doesn't help Burkel create a Chantry.
  • Sucessfully persuades Rogek that he is a Grey Warden. After Rogek makes his smuggling proposition Duran attempts to bring them to justice but Rogek and his men resist and are killed.
  • After completing the first task, Duran participates independently in the Memorial Proving held to honor his late father. He defeats every opponent and dedicates his victory to Bhelen.
  • Does not participate in the unsanctioned Provings.
  • Heals the noble in the Royal Palace.
  • Returns the stolen tome to the Shaperate and threatens Jertrin who offered to buy it from Duran.
  • Helps Zerlinda by successfully persuading her father to invite his daughter back and reconcile with her. Also gave her 5Silver when the conversation started.
  • Kills the Carta thugs inside the Dust Town Home after they so readily betrayed their boss.
  • Persuaded by Oghren, he puts Ruck out of his misery and as he is honor-bound he also tells the truth to Filda.
  • Helps Orta reinstate her noble House and persuades her to support Bhelen's candidacy.
  • Proves the Legion of the Dead's noble connection.
  • Overcomes all traps and meets Caridin who he is forced to kill in order to retrieve the Anvil of the Void for Branka. She promises to prepare for him the first golem army the world has seen in a millenium.
  • After returning from the Deep Roads with the crown, Duran supports Bhelen in the debate. In total Duran collected the maximum possible political support and Bhelen is crowned as the new king of Orzammar.
  • Restores his son to House Aeducan and names him Endrin. Duran is also reinstated in House Aeducan. In the first encounter with Mardy he also gives her 50Gold to take care of their son.
  • Talks to Kardol and secures the Legion's support without any convincing.
  • Returns the golem registry to the Shaperate.
Brecilian Forest
The Landsmeet
Final Battle
  • During the celebrations after the Battle of Denerim, Duran is declared the Hero of Ferelden.
    • Asks for Ferelden's military support to Orzammar as a boon.
    • Says that the Grey Wardens need him when asked about his future plans.
    • Learns from Gorim that the Assembly is considering naming him a Paragon and because of the Orzammar boon it makes his election a lock. Furthermore, Gorim is also joining House Aeducan. Duran accepts him again as his second and says that they are going back to Orzammar.
  • Following months of deliberation, the Assembly unanimously declares Duran a living Paragon and a new statue is erected in the Commons. King Bhelen welcomes the human armies and within months the darkspawn are driven back as far as the Dead Trenches while the first dwarven warrior to return with a relic retaken from the gates of Bownammar is greeted by cheering, jubilant crowds.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Vigil's Keep
The Awakening
Last of the Legion
  • Gives 1Gold to Colbert for his info.
  • Does not disturb Paragon Hirol's sarcophagus.
  • Records the casteless who defended Kal'Hirol and gives the tablet to the Glavonaks.
  • Releases Steafan from his cell.
Shadows of the Blackmarsh
The Righteous Path
  • Duran is invited to Orzammar as a guest of honor at a feast commemorating the defenders of Kal'Hirol after Voldrik and Dworkin presented Orzammar's Shaperate with the stone marker. The Shaper read the names of the casteless off the marker, then presided over a ceremony to return them to the Stone, as befitted warriors of that stature.
  • With the Blight truly over, it was time for Duran to move on. Some years later he vanishes entirely for unknown reasons.

The Golems of Amgarrak[]

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Golems of Amgarrak.

Witch Hunt[]

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Witch Hunt.

Dragon Age II[]

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Dragon Age II.

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • King Bhelen builds a grandiose statue for his brother in the Hall of Heroes. Some in Orzammar falsely believe that Duran is deceased but Bhelen refuses to declare his brother dead and vows to search for their Paragon.
  • During the War against the Elder One, Duran is far from Corypheus following leads that may allow the Wardens to prevent the effects of the Calling, and grant them a longer life. He also sends a letter to Inquisitor Ellana Lavellan.


Dragon Age: Origins[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Alistair Theirin
  • Visits his family and is hardened afterwards by Duran.
  • Becomes the King of Ferelden and Anora is his Queen.
  • After the Final Battle, Alistair says that he is satisfied with making Loghain take the final blow and dying as a result. Alistair also admits that he is grateful for making him king even though he misses the Wardens.
  • 'Friendly' disposition towards Duran.
  • Confronts Marjolaine after locating her in Denerim and kills her. Leliana is hardened afterwards.
  • Starts a relationship with Duran. She also has a threesome with Isabela.
  • Duran ends the relationship after being forced to choose by Morrigan. However, the two stay in good terms.
  • After the Final Battle, Leliana says that she is organizing a royal expedition into the Deep Roads with the goal of learning more about the darkspawn.
  • 'Friendly' disposition towards Duran.
Loghain Mac Tir
  • Inducted into the Grey Wardens and survives the Joining.
  • Dies after taking the final blow on the Archdemon.
  • 'Warm' disposition towards Duran.
  • Starts a loose relationship with Duran, however she develops deeper feelings after she receives the Black Grimoire forcing Duran to choose between her and Leliana. Duran chooses her.
  • Demands Duran kill her mother and take her Grimoire. However Duran refuses since he is honor-bound and owes his life to Flemeth. Subsequently Morrigan leaves the party.
  • Gives birth to Duran's son, Kieran.
  • 'Adore' disposition towards Duran.
  • With Duran's help, he reconciles with Felsi.
  • After the Final Battle, Oghren is told to be good to Felsi and in turn he admits that he considers Duran to be a friend.
  • 'Friendly' disposition towards Duran.
  • Not taken into the Deep Roads considering how the other golems disappeared. That inadvertently avoids a confrontation between Shale and Duran when the latter decides to side with Branka.
  • Ventures to Cadash Thaig and discovers its past.
  • After the Final Battle, Shale is considering going to Orzammar in order to fight darkspawn in the Deep Roads and Duran considers it a good idea.
  • 'Warm' disposition towards Duran.
  • Left in his cell after a short conversation.
  • Meets her former apprentice and settles some old regrets.
  • After the Final Battle, Wynne is asked to serve as a mage at the royal court.
  • 'Warm' disposition towards Duran.
Zevran Arainai
  • Killed after his ambush was foiled and so eagerly sold his loyalty.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

  • Inducted into the Grey Wardens via the Right of Conscription and survives the Joining.
  • His unlawful request about finding and destroying his phylactery is rejected by the Warden-Commander.
  • 'Neutral' disposition (~0 DAO Disapproval) towards Duran.
  • Visits Kristoff's wife and becomes more determined to serve the Grey Wardens.
  • 'Warm' disposition (~90 DAO Approval) towards Duran.
  • Inducted into the Grey Wardens but does not survive the Joining.
Nathaniel Howe
  • Released from the prison with all his possessions.
  • Meets again with the Warden-Commander on the road and asks to join the Grey Wardens. Duran accepts and he survives the Joining.
  • Reunites with his sister and finally understands the truth about the actions of his father.
  • 'Warm' disposition (~90 DAO Approval) towards Duran.
  • Inducted into the Grey Wardens and survives the Joining.
  • After being convinced by Duran, he keeps contact with his family.
  • 'Warm' disposition (~90 DAO Approval) towards Duran.
  • Is not invited to the Grey Wardens after clearing Kal'Hirol as she has already taken a vow to serve the Legion of the Dead.
  • Killed after she refuses to submit to a magistrate and answer for her crimes of murdering many innocents along the Pilgrim's Path.


Duran main equipment

Duran Aeducan in full armor




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"You should have been the eldest."
―Unnamed Orzammar noble to Duran
"Ha! You men are all the same."
―Bella after Duran asked for a kiss
"You would hunt our Lady for sport?"
―Kolgrim before being told that their dragon would make a worthy trophy
"Today I will be the warrior you taught me to be."
―Oghren after being assigned to lead the forces at Denerim's gates
"So you stand with the sorceress? It is a sad day when evil finds such ready accomplices."
―Justice while confronting Duran in the Fade


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