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King Duran Aeducan is both the King of and a Paragon of the dwarves o Orzammar. Second child and son to King Endrin Aeducan, Duran was crowned King following the murder of his older brother and exile of his younger brother, which resulted in the death of King Endrin.

Ascending to the Throne during the Fifth Blight, Duran was named a Paragon upon leading an expedition into the deep roads and recovering both the Anvil of the Void and Paragon Branka in order to secure his Kingship. Following the end of the Fifth Blight, Duran put forth a vote to the assembly aise the Grey Warden Faren Brosca to a Paragon for slaying the Archdemon and surviving, setting forth an unprecedented time in Dwarven History when their were three living Paragons of Orzammar at one time.

Despite becoming a Paragon and founding the House of Duran, King Duran retained leadership over House Aeducan, as their were no suitable alternatives at the time.